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is it ok for my sun conure to drink juice?

i was drinking juice and my counure suddenly got on the cup i thought it was ok and he just was standin on it then he started drinking it i put the drink on the table to ask the question and i also put i=him on the table and walked up and started drinking more! is it ok? its a mango juice btw

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    My Avian Vet say's apple juice is wonderful for birds. I find they really love it so i give it daily. He didn't say any other kind but apple. I don't know about other fruits. I had a little blackhead Caique that would drink so much it was unbelievable, but Vet said it was good for him.

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    I used to have a conure. I fed him (and my little cockatiels) table food and juices. You need to find out (call a bird vet) if there are any toxic foods that they should not eat. Chocolate and any kind of Caffine are definate no-no's as well as uncooked onions and avocado are out. Mine ate mashed potatoes, beans, okra, butterbeans and pretty much anything I ate including meat - all in small amounts. I always make real mashed potatoes not instant 'taters which propbably would be fine and veggies all fresh without additives. I also fed them fresh fruits and fruit juices. I have only one cockatiel left and she is 22 yrs old so she is living proof that these foods don't hurt them. All my birds were/are healthy, happy and spoiled! Have fun with your conure.

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    If conures can eat mangos than they can drink NATURAL mango juice.

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