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How do i speak English like Idris Elba in Luther?

I always loved a british accent but discovered it was one of many british accents. I couldn't say what region it came from n one day I watched the series movie, Luther. Idris Elba was the main character and his british accent was very similar to what I always loved. Please, what region does that regional british accent come from and how do I speak as such?

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    Idris Elba's natural accent is East London, but to play Luther he adopts more open vowels and a crisper enunciation of consonants (the east London accent is associated with marginalised immigrant communities, Luther's accent belongs to more established Black British communities - though still from the same general geographical area).

    Accents which are close to the accent of Luther include RP (BBC English) and most of the educated Kent / Middlesex dialects (the main characters in many of the Merchant Ivory classic films use such accents). You won't find an exact match, since the Luther accent is a hybrid and isn't exactly like any particular accent.

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    Idris Elba Accent

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