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I have windows 7 Pro on My computer and when I try to do a Back Up it will not complete. How Can i fix this?

It is saying Error code 0x1000006. If you can tell me how to fix this please answer this question also when I tried to re install windows It is saying that windows can not detect my Disks on my computer. I have no other problems with my system other than this also I am running back up to a terabyte external hard drive I had formatted it and deleted all previous back ups so as to make room for it as my computer is a 750 Hard drive for my C Disk and I have used the same external hard drive before and i checked Both Hard Drives and no problems are found with either one. This is puzzling me quite a bit as I usually am answering similar Questions and seldom ask on this site. so i have tried the things that I thought would have corrected this. already but the problem persists so quick summery again windows will not re-install and back up gets to around 75% and stops it does take up space on the external hard drive but my computer still says it did not complete ERROR CODE 0x81000006.

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