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What is DMT?!?!???????

I don't mean like what it literally is, I know it's the most powerful psychedelic on earth, produced in your body etc.....but I mean what the hell is it? Terance Mckenna said something like "this is no mere drug, to call this a drug is a massive misunderstanding of the English vernacular" or something along those lines. I mean it's so alien, it's so insane, to say "oh well you were just on drugs" is absolutely horse **** and I know I will get some responses like that from some ignorant people. Is it a doorway? A path to another dimension?

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    DMT stands for N,N-dimethyltryptamine. It is a chemical closely related to the brain neurotransmitter serotonin, and the pineal hormone melatonin. It is a powerful hallucinogen that occurs in many plants and animals, including humans. DMT was first synthesized in the 1930s, and was known to exist in hallucinogenic Amazonian plants, but it was not until 1955 that we found out about its psychedelic effects. DMT belongs to the family of compounds called the hallucinogens or psychedelics. Other members of this family include LSD or "acid," psilocybin in "magic" mushrooms, and mescaline from the peyote cactus. Effects of DMT in many ways are typical of other psychedelics, where kaleidoscopic visual displays are common with eyes opened or closed; powerful emotions of either a positive or negative nature; new insights into personal or religious questions; and effects on our sense of bodily integrity. At high doses, DMT not infrequently seems to provide entry into a non-physical world inhabited by beings of lights with whom we interact.

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    You obviously know it's a drug, so maybe you're looking for a more or less scientific answer. First of all, it's an indole and a tryptamine. Your body synthesizes it from tryptophan, the same stuff found in turkey meat.

    As for a non scientific, more speculative answer, it's possible that it could be an organic form of alien technology.

    If a sufficiently advanced alien wanted to communicate with or study people without being caught per se, they probably wouldn't land a giant metal spaceship on the front lawn... Maybe they'd hide the visit in a so-called drug experience so as not to be discovered poking around. Nobody will believe the person who claims alien contact if the aforementioned contact happened during a psychedelic drug experience, especially on something we call a "hallucinogen," indicating that they were simply "hallucinating."

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    DMT is what' s called an ultra short acting hallucinogen. Its name is N-dimethyltryptamine. It has unique properties in that its psychological effect seems to be attenuated by classic medication called data blockers. Why this would be is not clear. However, I have the same concern with this hallucinogen as I do with others: Undoubtedly, we will see destruction of seratonin in the regions of the brain, resulting in long-term problems with depression panic and anxiety. I have not had a good deal of experience with DMT. There is some concern that people are actually receiving DMT when they believe they are buying ecstasy.

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    Exactly. The pineal gland in your very brain produces large amounts of DMT during 3 times in your life. When you are being conveived, while dreaming, and at death. It floods your brain. I am one to believe that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul and a portal to other dimensions. Did you know fluoride calcifies the pineal gland? Now you know why "they" have it in our very own drinking water. We bathe in it...we wash our clothes in it. They put it in our foods...our drinks...anything you can think of other than organic foods, reverse osmosis purified water. You would be safer drinking from a pool.

    There are so many functions connecting to the pineal gland. That's how we dream...this is how we have spiritual experiences. This is how we leave our body to retreive new and improved information.

    It sounds to me like the "big guys", don't want it happening. Hint: the fluoride. What would we be without the "big guys" killing us? Keeping us from evolving into what we are meant to be? They must be scared of us, if they are going through such great and major things to keep us from "knowing".

    I'm glad you have opened your eyes...your 3rd eye (pineal gland) to be exact.

    Continue your journey. Live and LOVE.

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