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Why was my question posted in yahoo answers India?

I posted a question and when i opened it to see the answers i saw that my question was posted in yahoo answers India.I use yahoo answers United States.

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    as long as the question got answered or posted , is what id be worried about ! whether its posted under " yahoo india " or " yahoo usa " is really very immaterial , at least to me ! like say you were flying in a 747 jumbo jet and are about to land in australia !

    youre still on yahoo answers , but its not registering the distance or location ! alternatively you can edit at the bottom of youre question and add " in the usa and not india " ! finally , you may wonna contact yahoo answers themselves ; .

    i dont know how to insert links , so i couldnt include it as a link ! hope this brightens youre day and puts a smile on youre face !

  • 8 years ago

    You came in through the US portal, but the question is posted everywhere. You can set what you see to US only, or all English speaking countries. If you happen to accidentally click on one the flags at the bottom, you can also come though a different portal to get to Y!A and I suspect that is what you did. If it continues, click the US flag.

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