What is different from D. Gray Man and D. Gray Man S.A.V.E?

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  • thor d
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    8 years ago
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    d.gray man s.a.v.e isn't the name of a show what it means is say you want to buy the d.gray man boxset but don't want to spend alot of money on it that's where s.a.v.e comes in it means super amazing value edtion so you can get the anime for like 30 bucks than if you bought it for say like 60 so those two boxsets are the same show it's just cheaper with the value edtion also you can get it at best buy etc.and when you get the value edtion look for a green boarder on the side of the box and save in black letters

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  • Sanjay
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    8 years ago

    D. Gray man is the first Series


    D. gray man s.a.v.e is the next series

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