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What do you think about the bullied school bus monitor?

A senior women being bullied by some dumb 14 year old kids were name calling her and she broke down in tears and in return got over $430K and vacation time out it. Do you think she is being too rewarded for what happened, I mean she was a bus monitor even though those kids went too far it was kind of her job to deal with this kind of situations.

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    I think its a victory for bullied people everywhere. It must be so so humiliating to be bullied by a child, especially ones you are supposed to be looking after. In my experience of bullying, ( I've been bullied at work and at school and by family) they probably broke her self esteem down by repeated put downs. She probably had problems before this and maybe in her personal life, which made this situation hard to deal with. The nature of bullying is that the bully will say things or do things that the bullied will definitely find deeply hurtful or personal. They will look for things that are hurtful like vultures of human misery. Children may have not yet learnt social boundaries so could say things that are very hurtful. I have read a lot on the subject of bullying as a way of coping with it, so I know that anyone of any age can be bullied by anyone at school, work, in the family home and with friends. The experience can cause a great deal of emotional wounds. I am 25, but can still remember so clearly as if it was yesterday things people said when I was 15!! I think this woman, whoever she is, was likely to be feeling hurt and afraid plus ashamed of being bullied by children. I think its good she was given money, so now she can concentrate on building a good life for herself full of good, friendly people who don't want to hurt her. :) I hope she is happy wherever she is!

    Just one more thought, though, I also think that the people responsible for the bullying should be re educated by their communities in some way about the effects of bullying. Maybe they are victims of bullying themselves, and don't know how to relate to others? Surely there should be more emphasis on how to help these people to find a life away from bullying? It can be good for their self image and self esteem to know that they victimise people? A few couple who bullied me through school have approached me in local pubs and nightclubs to apologise for what they did, so there must be a deep sense of shame in knowing what they have done. In the style of parenting of Hal and Lois from Malcolm in the middle, they should be shown that bullying is unacceptable. Bullies never have real friends, that can't be nice. Very pleased for the school bus monitor.

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    Lots of people have pledged a small amount each. No one has decided that she will be compensated (not 'rewarded') for a large amount of money. If enough individuals are moved to offer a little each, the total mounts. No one organized or decreed or awarded compensation. You'd have to argue with all the many people who each reacted to the story...

    That's the way it goes. Some people get bullied until they hang themselves. Some people get compensated. It's not fair, but that's not news.

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  • 8 years ago

    Horrible Children. Only 1 black boy was heard. No offense, but White Children need discipline more. Those kids are gonna learn the hard way who they mess with.

    Source(s): The video
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