Iowa State or University of Iowa?

So awhile ago I posted on here about my college selection of either Iowa or Iowa state university for pre med/PA/Nursing. Since then I have had some stressful nights thinking about my future. Isu has has offered me 8200 in scholarships and Iowa 2000. I live in state so the tuition is nearly the same but in the end with all the help ISU would be roughly 20,000 cheaper. Iowa has top rated medical and research facilities and staff. Iowa state is 2 hours closer and is cheaper. My grandfather is even offering to match my scholarship amounts (that is why the difference is higher) if I attend Iowa state (my family are hardcore cyclone fans and it would Kill them inside to see me become a hawkeye haha) I am not entirely certain on med school, pa school also looks good to me as well as nursing. I enjoyed iowas campus and diversity more than Iowa States along with its general feel and sports. I feel like ISU's campus is full of farmers and people just like my small hometown. Do you think paying that much more money to attend Iowa would be worth it? Is this amount negligible compared to any salary later in life?

What I enjoyed about Iowa was the scenery, river, proximity of downtown, close classes, gender ratio (more guys than girls at ISU is a disadvantage for me haha) and longer distance from most kids homes making it so people dont just go home on the weekends, and the friendliness of it. I could see myself for 4 years there.

I think some of it may be that I just want to be different from the family and stand out and be different from them? Only 1 day until the deadline, and I actually graduate today, having both colleges all ready to accept me what ever I choose. I want to major in either Biochemistry, Biology, or Biological/Biomed systems engineering as a backup in case I chane my mind (and that area interests me). It is not that I hate ISU or anything I just cannot get the peace of mind that I made the right decision because I keep just getting that feeling that I will miss out onopportunitiess. If there was no price difference I would choose Iowa in a second. Is that difference enough to sweat? Will it be hard to pay off since I'm going into medicine? Everyone's comments are greatlyappreciatedd

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  • 8 years ago
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    Iowa City is awesome, but going there for undergrad really has no beneficial impact for any future med/PA plans you may have compared to any university. They don't care where you came from.

    You say you're going into medicine, but less than 5% of people who start off college "premed" actually end up getting into a medical school. Plan for a backup

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