Can someone give me the story behind the legend of zelda?

I love the games but i still do not quite understand the back story. Can somene tell me it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Wind Waker is a sequel to Ocarina of Time. In Wind Waker Ganondorf tells you that he met you before, or at least One like you. He's referring to the Hero of Time who defeated him long ago, and the new hero, the Hero of Winds (you) are the next in line.

    Without confusing you, the Zelda series is like this: The first game story, Skyward Sword, tells how Link's spirit will be reincarnated and the Master Sword will obey him again in another life. That other life is Ocarina of Time, and OoT has 3 outcomes - Link defeats Ganon, the sages seal him in the Sacred Realm, and Zelda sends Link back to the past to relive his stolen childhood. As a child again Link prevents Ganondorf from betraying the King and Ganondorf is imprisoned and the future is altered (leading to Majora's Mask and the Gamecube titles)

    BUT in the future where Link defeated Ganon and the sages sealed him away and Zelda sent him back to the past, Link is GONE and Ganon eventually escapes his seal and returns to wreak his vengeance on Hyrule. With no hero to stop Ganon (because only the Master Sword can do that and Link is the Only one who can use it) the people pray to the gods for help, and the gods respond by flooding Hyrule and sealing Ganon away with it. That's all in the prologue of the game but now you have a better understanding. Ganon escaped that seal again and set about the events of the Wind Waker (followed by the DS games)

    The third outcome involves Link losing to Ganon at the climax of Ocarina of Time, which leads to A Link to the Past, the Game Boy games, and the NES games (in that order)

  • 8 years ago

    Unless the game is a direct sequel (as some are), then each game features a new Link in a new story. For years, fans have been trying to piece together the games in a coherent timeline. Recently, Nintendo released an art concept book in Japan, which features what looks like a timeline. Here is a user on YouTube who had come up with the best Zelda Timeline Theory out there, reviewing the official timeline in this video:

    Youtube thumbnail


    If you want, you can go the that user's videos and see HIS theory, which some people even prefer over the official one—the reason being because the official one is a little disappointing, the way OcarinaHero10 explains it.

  • 8 years ago

    The Zelda timeline is a big mess. No one REALLY knows how it goes. All I know is Majora's Mask takes place in between Ocarina of Time's time travel. Oh yeah, and Skyward Sword is the beginning. has their own version.

  • 8 years ago

    there is alot of zelda's.... they all have different stories... Zelda is a princess, link is distend to save her, he comes in many games and in many forums, hyrule is the main town that everyone wants to rule that is evil.. thats about what all of them have in common... if you would of said like "zelda, ocarina of time" or something i could give you more info.

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