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if you have someones password (that they gave you) and look at their email is that illegal?

my ex used to solicit sex from random people on craigslist and POF. i found out and flipped out. i insisted he give me his password to his account...a month later we break off our engagement...but his password is still saved on my email "login" one day i looked and what i found shocked the hell out of me. now i am worried i have hiv from what i found...but i am it illegal to look at someone's email, even if they gave you the password a few months earlier?


yes...i know i did a bad thing...i shouldn't have done it, but at the same time now i KNOW i need an HIV test for sure

Update 2:

i don't really feel bad because he was trying to find someone off craigslist that would do ME and let him watch! off CRAIGSLIST!

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    IF they gave you the password, no, not illegal. Immoral...

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    not 100% sure but i think it is legal but just frowned upon. since he gave it to you the you should be fine. if was you i would just resist the urge to go on his account this way you cant get in trouble because you wont be doing anything

  • 9 years ago

    Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

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