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What are the best beers to try in Mexico? Can you walk around and drink or do you have to stay in the bar?

I'm going to Cozumel and Progreso

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    They allow drinking on the Sand. You can`t stagger down Main st drunk with booze in your hand.

    The beer is all good. in fact I can`t name you one I don`t like

    Occationaly you may get a skunky Sol or Corona as they insist in Carrying on the tradition of the clear Glass bottles. Ignoring all evidence to the contrary Mexico still does not comply with world standards and that the sun has an affect in clear glass. Oh Well!! My personal Favorite is made by Corona and is in a Brown bottle known as Victoria.

    In cans hay Modelo and Tecate sold regionally and I have never had a bad one. "Stay Thirsty My Friends" I always prefer Dos XX Cervesa

    Have look at my favorite video http://youtube.com/watch?v=L8nt94LCyqY

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