please explain pronom en?

i know about the pronoms le, les, le , l' and y but someone please explain pronom en in english? french exam tommorow ahha

and when can i use it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Morgane told you about "en" as a preposition, but as a pronoun I used to say "en" is a contraction of "de + pronoun", each time "de" is used in French .

    I speak of that = J'en parle . En means "de cela " .

    I come from there = j'en viens . En means "de là " .

    You don't know anything about it = tu n'en sais rien . En means "de cela" .

    I saw three of them = J'en ai vu trois . En means "of them" .

    I want some = j'en veux . En means "de ça", I want (some) "of that" .

    En can be a preposition to ( I live in England = Je vis en Angleterre) but it's another question .

    As a pronoun, remember : "en" always means " de + pronoun", any pronoun .

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  • 9 years ago

    en could be an adverbe: origine, where something is from!

    Il en vient. he comes from. --> from there

    "en" could be a preposition: it could indicate the place, the situation, the manner/way, the transformation, the duration. -->in, to, from, by, on, at, of, while

    ex: She transforms the frog INTO prince. Elle transforme la grenouille EN prince.

    it could be a "Pronom personnel": --> it

    "Tu n'en sais rien"

    i hope it could hep you! sorry if i am not clear!

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  • 9 years ago

    Most often it means "of it" or "of them", or "from it" or "from them". It is usually replacing an expression using "de".

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