How could I start out my story?

Okay, my character ran away from home. Her father was abusive with her and alcohol. She ran to her late mother's sister's house and she has now lived with her for a year. In the prologue, she had a different name and a slightly different appearance.

How should I start out the story? Thank you!


Because it's MY story. You know what, maybe my life is cliche. But guess who doesn't care. Come on, I dare ya.

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    8 years ago
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    Have you already written the prologue? It's a little unclear.

    If so: start off the story with her alone (perhaps the prologue was a flashback?). She has not ever gotten rid of the dreams. They still come back to haunt her. I am sure that whatever happened gave her deep emotional scars (such as losing the ability to trust, maybe she can finally find a friend later?). Every day she would be fearing her father's return and I'm sure she wouldn't trust her aunt either. The fear would push her into being alone (I would suggest writing in first person). She has just woken from a terrible nightmare and finds that she is afraid to tell her aunt about it. A year has gone by and she is unchanged. Her face and name are not the same, but her soul is still scarred. If she goes to school, she will have no friends as she is solitary and angry. Perhaps someone new will come in and help her change.

    I don't really know where your going with this. Is it action, romance, drama, or just an inspirational story? Keep going with it and see!

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  • 8 years ago

    Hell- that's what it was like. Could I help it? Well, if an average 16 year old can fight of a drunken sadist three times her age, then yes, of course I can. But is that possible? Like hell it is. You see- as an adopted child, I was already permanently damaged by the traumatizing experience of my parents dyeing in a car accident, well, at least that's what they made it out to be. But when my seemingly perfect Dad came back after being misreported dead, my life spiralled downwards from then.

    Just an idea- feel free to change it!<3

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  • 8 years ago

    Um, you could have her while she's running away: describing her memories about her father, describing herself and her emotions. Sort of like a murder story. The criminal is running away for the law. The first couple sentences could be describing how that person's running away, then describe why. Like cause and effect.

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  • 8 years ago

    sounds cliche

    why is it that in every story the father is an acholic and abusive

    what do you mean you dare me? with writing like that i'll bet the book will suck

    don't have any hopes on getting it published. millions of books out there are like yours

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