Why is everyone calling Guinevere a slut and not realize Arthur wasn't all that good either?

I hear everyone calling Queen Guinevere a whore and being sympathetic to Arthur. "Aaaawwww.... Poor Arthur! He doesn't deserve to get his heart broken..."

"Awww, Arthur!"

What people don't realize is that Arthur made a mistake too! Who did he sleep with? HIS OWN SISTER!

Why don't people see that detail?

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    Most of us interpret the Arthurian legends heavily. In fact there is a relatively late tale that Arthur married two wives named Gwenhwyfar, the first was virtuous but she died so he married her sister who gave him the horns with Lancelot.

    There are really two levels to these stories, though as is hardly surprising, both were written down around the time of the Norman Conquest. The first come from Southern Wales. Arthur, Guinevere, Kei (sometimes called Kei) Merlin and his teacher Taliessin, Morgiane, Morgause, Mordred, Lot of Lothian and Sir Bedevere all feature prominently in it. Lancelot isn't mentioned at all. Gwenhwyfar's sister, Gwenhwyfach, who comes off as somewhat nasty is and indeed the final battle where Arthur and Mordred died is said to have started with strife between the two.

    Now what we know is that the Angles Saxons and Jutes came over at the end of the fifth century and when they began fighting lost in a series of battles culminating with the Battle of Badon Hill. Then because they kept coming they took the lands back and drove the Britons to Wales and to Brittany in France, where they founded Nantes (and fell subject ultimately to the Normans).

    Robert Graves, in his introduction to The Morte D'Arthur, pointed out it was in the Normans' interest to tell stories about a man who like them fought the Saxons and like them rode a horse. This of course was a time when most marriages were about dynastic and property matters, and spouses often didn't get along (the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his wife reportedly hated each other). The Romances, which usually covered The Matter of England (Arthur) or the Matter of France (Charlemagne) can be described as propaganda for the ruling classes. And adultery is very common in them because, apparently, it was common among the ruling classes.

    But Lancelot is a French knight and apparently a French invention. Or a creation to entertain the Norman French and make them feel better about their lives. Not only is the story probably not real but it was always intended as one where you should feel sorry for two decent people who had that passion inflicted on them -- it wasn't about being "loose".

    And here you are not only taking these complaints seriously but commenting on Arthur. Arthur's relationship to Mordred is ambiguous in every way. In some stories he's Lot of Lothian's biological as well as legal or foster-son. He's heir because he's Arthur's nephew.

    We can't know what Arthur and Guinevere were like. BEFORE the Renaissance, long before, they had been reduced to puppets, trademarks, or brand names.

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    He did that when he wasn't married. Big difference. No one's heart was broken there.

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    Your right incest is worse than sleeping around.

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