Screwdrivers and electric screw drivers?

I am trying to uninstall a ramp in the front of my house,

it's very large and takes up a good portion of my yard,

we build it for my grandfather but since he has died we don't need it anymore

its been there for four years since he's died and my dad hasn't gotten to it

its just a big inconvenience

i've been talking to my dad and he said we need an electric drill or screwdriver im not sure

but basically he's just being lazy

i figure i'll buy the thing myself and do it myself

i tried doing it with a screw driver and it was very time consuming

i was willing to do it but there were some that were really stuck in there and it was starting to mess up the screwdriver

the screws are about an inch and a half long and sorta thick

so since you know my situation what do i need to help my situation?

im not interested in spending more than 30$ but i will if i have to

i am willing to put up the man power since i don't really have anything else to do

am i looking for an electric drill or electric screwdriver?

whats the difference?

and if you know any products that could help me than please leave links

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi Roland R, I’m Ken with The Home Depot and work in the tool department and have had this question before.

    I have found screwdrivers, especially cordless are generally for small projects and light work, as most do not have a lot of power.

    I would suggest you buy a corded drill for your needs. Cordless drills are nice, however you must keep them charged, and they have limited power. Corded drills will take care of the majority of projects around the house.

    I have provided a link you show you a couple of good corded drills. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Home Depot/Personal experience.
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    3 years ago

    Definite you can use a manual screwdriver, however electric screwdrivers relatively torque the screws. Should you strip the head you're going to have a real hindrance. I advocate getting a rechargable small drill and put a screwdriver bit in it. They are very low-priced. Which you could additionally buy a screw extractor if you strip the screws. These gadgets are to be had @ your neighborhood house depot or lowes.

  • 8 years ago

    You can get a cheap drill (electric) and the tip you require remember you have to push down on the screw when you start taking it out or you will strip the head ,it would be faster but you 'll need a cord or a battery drill will also do the job.

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