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Will I get into university of Miami ?

My shop homier and freshman year, I took all regular college prep classes and I earned 10 "A", and 14 "B" and "B+"

I transferred to PineCrest school, one of the top in the nation and I really worked hard, I took 7 classes junior year since we work on 9 period day and on a semster calendar

Ap French : A+/A+

Ap Bio: A-/A

Ap Economics: A-/A-

English 3 honors: A-/A

Precalculus Honors: A+/A+

Science research Honors: A/A

Senior year almost finish first semester:

Ap art history: A/

Ap calculus Ab: A-/

Ap programming:A+/

English 4honors:A-

Ap us history: A-

Physics Honors: A

So will this upward trend with harder classes help me.

I am also a USTA member and on the varsity tennis team

I took a college class Which was every Saturday .

I play Golf

I volunteered in Haiti at thanks giving.

Sophomore year summer I went on a business program at Stanford epgy

Junior year summer I went to Harvard intensive summer program and next summer I plan on going on a 4 week one at Cambridge university.

I competed at state level science competition such as the science Olympiad and Isef.

I am part of:

Key club

National honor society

Student leadership


Science and engineering club

Student government

And president of the business club.

I created a fundraiser in my community with a friend which was dinner events organized by us with bands, we raised 15 000$ do far and we are donating it to build school in Haiti to make it a better place for education.

I am working on starting my own websites of iPhone parts and gadjets.

I have taken university computer classes at IMacs .

During junior year spring break I went to an ID tech camp in video games.

I volunteer at my local church, hospital, and science museum.

I have one little scholarships contest.

I have a job at Starbucks .

I might be a silver knight nominee.

So what are my chances to get into University of Miami, NYU, Ann harbor, USC, UCSD, Boston college, Boston university, penn state, Berkeley , and Stanford

Be honest, thank you

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    I'd say Miami, BU and Penn State would be pretty easy to get into. The rest, not so easy. I was valedictorian of my 500 student high school with a 33 ACT and I played sports and did numerous clubs and I did not get into Duke, Vanderbilt, or Virginia. I knew a girl with a perfect SAT score, played 3 sports, was president of her high school, and she got denied from every single Ivy school.

    At some point it becomes luck of the draw. There are so many great students applying for limited spots. I'm pretty sure they narrow down the applicants and draw out of a hat. You better your chances if your parents are alumni of one of those schools or if you are a minority (hate to say it but it's true, I know two people that went to Ivy schools and they were both hispanic).

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    Really more info is needed. Most Universities have criteria that they want to meet to fill there agenda's. Was he poor, a minority, smarter than average, rich, connected. All these types of things need to be considered to answer your question fully.

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  • very good

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