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Israel Invent Intel Chips?

On response to an article about author Alice Walker's bashing of Israel, someone mention that all the intel chips we have were invented in israel. is this true? From what generation is this true? all the way from the 8088 and 386 era?


she made it sound like israel invented the microchip that made home computing possible

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    Israel is one of the world-recognized leaders in hi-tech and its achievements are really impressive.

    In proportion to its population, Israel has the largest number of startup companies in the world. In absolute terms, Israel has the largest number of startup companies than any other country in the world, except the US (3,500 companies mostly in hi-tech).

    Israel is ranked #2 in the world for venture capital funds right behind the US.

    Outside the United States and Canada, Israel has the largest number of NASDAQ listed companies.

    The world first processors, the 8088 computer processor, MMX technology and the Centrino mobile technology, were all invented by Israeli engineers in Intel’s Israel branch.

    Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology - This new concept of communication, which revolutionised the communication industry and allowed for a new inexpensive and effective way of communicating globally is accredited to Alon Cohen and Lior Harmati, co-founders of Vocaltech Communication, the first VOIP company from Herzliah, Israel.

    The AOL Instant Messenger was developed in 1996 by four young Israeli scienitst

    The cell phone was developed in Israel by Motorola, which has its largest development center in Israel.

    Most of the Windows NT operating system was developed by Microsoft-Israel.

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    While it is true that both Intel and Microsoft have big R&D centres in Israel, the majority of chip design and OS development respectively at the two compies are done in the USA.

    There is a whole list of "Israel accomplishments" that is floating around the web, that, as a pro Israel person, I dislike since several of the claims are misleading.

    Israel HAS accomplished a lot in tech and sciences. Those who want to "toot Israel's horn" should work from there.

    You should also know that it doesn't matter if the list was 100% accurate. Anti Israel cranks never care about the positive except in cases where it can be spun negatively.

    (Case in point: I've seen anti Israel people put a negative spin on Israel helping out in Haiti and Japan after their respective disasters.)


    One example of an inaccuracy:

    The software product was made by Israeli software company Mirabilis and was called ICQ. AOL developed AIM SEPARATELY from ICQ and then at a later date, bought them out.

    Another example:

    Win NT was NOT developed in Israel. At one time, I checked Microsoft Israel's own website where they used to have a "history page". Nowhere did they mention this fact. They did mention something that may have been merged at a later date into the OS.

    Another example:

    Cell phones were invented by a US scientist. Motorola, which has an R&D centre in Israel, may have developed tech that was used in Motorola cell phones, but that is not the same as saying they invented it there.


    While the Intel 8088 was the first chip used in the first IBM PC and it was developed by them in Haifa, Israel, it was not Intel's first microprocessor.

    That was done almost 10 years earlier.

    The Intel 8088 was based on an earlier chip called the 8086 (not developed in Israel).

    So, an accurate statement would be: "The Intel 8088, the first chip used for the original IBM PC, was developed by Intel in their facilities in Haifa, Israel."

    Source(s): In the interests of accuracies
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    Yes, Intel's Israeli plant has been known to be a great contributor to the Intel family.

    Intel freely admits that the Israelis saved their butts before, and it's accepted that the Israeli R&D plant is the reason for Intel not going under.

    And, no, it's not a one time fluke, as the third link shows. Intel invests heavily in their Israeli R&D, from what I understand. And this isn't unique - many other companies have Israeli branches that make great contributions.

    Now, it has little bearing on Alice Walker. Believe me, I disagree wholeheartingly with Alice Walker, and frankly Israeli have access to better literature (The Color Purple bored me to death. Plus most can just read it in English if they don't want to bother with the Hebrew translation).

    Israel is a technological powerhouse. Instant Messaging as we know it does have a lot of background in Israelis, 90-something % of the Fortune 500 Companies use Israeli protection software (100% of the Fortune 100, last time I checked), and in terms of medical technology few outclass them. Intel-wise, they are more recent generation, I think, but they definitely helped.

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    Yes, she was right. The first Intel PC microspocessor 8088 was invented at Intel Israel in Heifa.

    Dan Dan, I´ve decided to be politically correct today and will not call you a dumb a@@hole even if it´s nothing but true. So, instead of arguing who-invented-what using such "solid" arguments as "I know this people", let´s open the page of Intel, and find the part about Intel Israel. Knowing that you are a computer cripple, I am ready to help: here is the link


    Don´t get scared of it, Dan Dan, click on it without fear - and you will read with your own eyes, that:

    " For more then 30 years, the development centers have been making technological breakthroughs that change the face of the computing world.

    The achievements in development include the 8088 processor, which was selected to be the "brain" of the first PC, MMX™ technology, and the latest innovation - Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology. With the launching of the first cellular processor, Manitoba, the development center in Petach Tikva assumed its position at the forefront of the cellular communications group in Intel Corporation..."

    When next time you will be visited by the stupid idea to open your mouth on the computer theme in general and on Israel´s achievements in hi-tech in particular - re-read this post and drive this crazy idea away; it will save you a lot of embarrassment.

    Have a nice day

    Edit. Dan Dan, look again, carefully, at the links you offered to support your crap- and let´s stop here. I am not going to take seriously someone who says he is a computer “guru” but who does not know the difference between 8008/8080 processor and the basic for all PCs 8088 processor, who confuses one for another and offers the links to Wikipedia about 8008 processor as a proof of what he says about 8088.

    Learn the difference between them first, “guru”- and then crawl back.

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    Her claims are a load of rubbish. Israel is a democracy,that protects the human rights of ethnic,racial and religious minorities.Yes Israel has had many great medical and achievements like the camera pill. There is no Apartheid in Israel, if she really wanted to speak out against injustice she should talk against the the unjust and undemocratic regime of Iran which wants to destroy Israel with a nuclear bomb.

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    I know those people, they are good with inventing other things.

    Googling it,

    Intel first chip (the 8008 processor) was designed and manufactured by CTC in San Antonio in 1968 with the help of NASA engineers

    Intel second chip (the 8080 processor ) was manufactured by Intel USA and not in Israel.

    All other chips which were invented later were based on the old 8080 chip

    @A terribly suffering arab

    You made a fool out of yourself my friend

    Intel office in Haifa had a very minor roll in MODIFYING the 8086 to 8088. THEY DIDN'T INVENT ANYTHING NEW. It used the same design of the 8086 and had a very minor change in its data bus. That was all and that was in 1979.

    In the same year the 8088 was followed by the 80C88, 8088-2, 80168 to avoid major defects in the Israeli design modification. Intel was about to close down because of that

    For the bad luck of IBM at that time, it had already chose the Israeli version of the 8088 to use in their first PC which turned to be a disaster and cause IBM huge losses .

    Following that the 80286, the 386 were developed

    I am not surprised of how you see that disastrous minor change in design of the 8088 in 1979 is a breakthrough for the Israelis. Flying a kite for you is a big deal.

    Last Edit:

    @A terribly suffering arab

    You are really funny.

    What are you talking about?

    My original answer had nothing to do with the 8086 and the 8088. It was about the 8008 and the 8080

    You have a serious problem with understanding what you read my friend

    Don't worry. there must be a cure

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    yeah, i highly doubt the chip was invented in Israel, they're smart, but they're not "that" smart.

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