What are some good colleges for me to apply to?

I am a rising senior at a private high school in PA.

GPA (unweighted): 4.0

SAT: 2230

I play varsity basketball, volunteer through my local hospital, have a part time job, and also work as a babysitter. I am very active in my church, and am a student mentor at school. I have placed highly in my regional science fair twice, and was an Intel ISEF finalist. I also already have 6 college credits, and will earn either 3 or 6 more this coming school year.

My SAT subject test scores are low though: 670 US History and 630 Chemistry, but I did get a 800 on Math II.

Right now, I am thinking about having UPenn and Columbia as my reach schools, along with possibly Haverford or Swarthmore

For a match school, I am thinking maybe Lehigh, Bucknell, and William and Mary

For safety schools, I am looking at SUNY Stony Brook, Penn State, and Franklin and Marshall

Any suggestions for other safety schools? Or input into whether any of my choices are unreasonable? Also, should I think about retaking a subject test or taking a different subject test?

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    8 years ago
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    I think your list of reaches, matches and safeties look pretty good/on target with your scores. SUNY Stony Brook, though, might be so much of a safety that they would reject you (yes, it happens)

    About your SAT subject tests...Chem is known to be an extremely hard subject test. Did you take it because you're particularly good at it? If you're good at Bio, you could take the Bio one--it's meant to be a bit easier. Instead of US History, you could consider Literature--but I don't know what your strongest subject is, so it's hard to say. Either way, I don't think you low scores on the US History and Chem will really hurt you horribly.

    This could be totally off, but it sounds like you're into science/math (based on the fact that you took both Chem and Math II subject tests and that you were an Intel finalist.) That being said, you could consider Johns Hopkins, Cornell, U Chicago and UC Berkeley as reaches. Brown might also be a nice match/reach (yes, it's an Ivy, but it's actually not as difficult to get in to as you would think.) You might also want to look into Tufts (match), NYU (match) and UNC Chapel Hill (match; possible bit of a reach.)

    You have a very good resume, so as of now it really depends on what kind of school you want, in terms of size, specialty, area of the country, and so on.

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  • 8 years ago

    University of Texas

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  • 8 years ago

    What do you want to study?

    Have you considered Ursinus, Allegheny or Juniata?

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