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Adorable rabbit names?

Hi! I'm finnaly getting a rabbit! Yay! Holland Lop, probably the orange and white! I need some good male and female names! Thanks!

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    aww thats adorable!! Sadly my old bunny's ticker stopped two days ago, and we burried him... RIP Fudgeo..

    haha anyways :D

    i think food names are the cutest for baby bunnies so i will name a few



    •Cappuccino (Cappy)


    •Cinnamon (Cinny)





    •Mai Tai









    •Vanilla Bean (Beanie)

    •Wasabi (Sabi)

    and here are just some cute names :3

    Bunnywood – famous Hollywood Bunny Names

    Girls – Tyra, Madonna, Scarlett, Rene, Britney, Charlize, Keira, Tori, Drew, Gwyneth, Selma

    Boys – Ozzy, Brad, Heath, Keanu, Pierce, Vince, Al, Jude, Ewen, Harrison, Ralph, Leonardo, Orlando

    Good Enough To Eat!

    Oreo, Biscuit, Cookie, Caramel, Cornflake, Snickers, Salty, Pepper, Olive, Brandy, Brownie, OJ (Orange Juice), Butter, Pancake, Toffee, Twinkie, Ginger, Peanut, Chocolate, Honey, Coco, Pudding, Cappuccino, Marmalade, Muffin

    Famous Chefs

    Girls – Nigella, Julia, Delia, Fanny

    Boys – Jamie, Heston, Gordon, Jacques, Marco, Raymond

    Bunny Star Galactia – Out of this world bunny names

    Orion, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Gemini, Neptune

    i hope i helped

    have fun hopping !! <3

    15 Minutes of Fame – Famous Rabbits

    Jessica Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Thumper, Br’er Rabbit, Roger the Rabbit, Peter Cottontail, Easter bunny, White rabbit (Alice in Wonderland), Cadbury bunny, Nesquik bunny, Energizer Bunny

    Presidents of the United States of Bunnies

    Obama, Calvin, Dwight, Grover, Chester, Franklin, Herbert, Harry, Ronald, Lyndon, Theodore, Ulysses, Millard, George, Bill

    And they called it Bunny Love – famous couples for bunny pairs

    Romeo & Juliet, Adam & Eve, Sonny & Cher, Brad & Ange (or Brad & Jen depending on what camp you’re in!), John & Yoko, Diana & Dodi, Elizabeth & Richard, Scarlett & Rhett, Elizabeth & Darcy, Napoleon and Josephine, Edward & Mrs Simpson, Lancelot and Guinevere, Posh & Becks

    Floral names

    Daisy, Lily, Poppy, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Rose, Buttercup, Petunia, Dahlia, Ivy, Pansy, Blossom.

    And finally, some plain old fashioned cute bunny ones:

    Snuffles, Fluffy, Snuggle, Munchkin, Snuggle Bun, Pixie, Smudge, Cuddles, Baby, Snowflake, Mittens, Fluffy Wabbit, Boots and Squeakle

    also check out for thousands more!!!

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    Marshmallow Jellybean Rosebud Coconut Coco Peanut Nut Oreo

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    Nesquik Bunny Name

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Buttercup Rosebud Floppy Thumper Max Ruby Miffy Honey Sugar Lucy Mimzy

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Adorable rabbit names?

    Hi! I&#39;m finnaly getting a rabbit! Yay! Holland Lop, probably the orange and white! I need some good male and female names! Thanks!

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    Bopsy, Flopsy, Dopey!!!

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    If its from the Netherlands call it Peter Pan lol

    Tinkerbell for a girl :)

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