Can Julian Assange get from the Ecuadorian embassy to Ecuador?

Now that he is under the protection of the Ecuadorian Government, his friend, can Julian Assange get from the embassy to the airport? What are his options? I barely believe that he has any sex charges on him, its very suspicious also because these allegation came almost at the exact time these conflicts started. Can he get into an embassy car and drive to the airport? Or would he have to go by helicopter or something?


Or can/will they arrest him as soon as he steps out of the embassy? Does Britain have a right to do that even though if he is granted political asylum?

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    It would be extremely difficult. They would literally have to sneak him out of the embassy, and to the airport and onto a plane with out the police catching them. Even if they tried the helicopter route, the police could order the helicopter down if it was suspected he was on board. Only the Ambassador and his staff have diplomatic immunity... not Assange, even if her were granted political asylum (which is frankly unwarranted in this case.)

    If you do not believe the investigation against him in Sweden you might want to research the incidents further. (First off they happened prior to the major release of information.)

    He is being extradited for questioning on suspicion of rape, olaga tvång (basically duress/unlawful coercion), and two cases of sexuellt ofredande. (which has been respectively translated as "sexual molestation", "sexual assault", "sexual misconduct", "sexual annoyance", "sexual unfreedom", "sexual misdemeanor", and/or "sexual harassment" in various documents) The laws and requirements in Sweden for these charges are a bit different than in the U.K. or Australia... but by what has been leaked he would be facing charges in most countries for what happened.

    Heck even the head of Wikileaks Sweden has stated publicly that the charges from the two women are valid. (As he knew about this long before the police were involved. Which was even before the whole leak of U.S. documents that Assange keeps trying to claim this is about.) And it appears the two women involved actually work for Wikileaks.

    Basics of investigation in Sweden (per leaked police reports, which ironically Assange's attorney said was a violation of Assanges privacy.)

    First woman was his contact in Sweden to arrange lodgings (at her apartment) and transit for a series of meetings he had at the Wikileaks offices in Sweden. She had consensual sex with him once on the first night, during which the condom broke (After he appeared to be tampering with it) and he was very aggresive. (she was quoted at a party as saying he was the worst lay she ever had. Note this is the party was a pre scheduled official Wikileaks affair, not a personal party.) After which she rebuked his advances over the following days, but he kept trying to have sex with her including rubbing his naked genitals on her against her will while she was sitting on the sofa. She was forced to abandon her own apartment and stay somewhere else for the remaider of his time there. This was reported to the head of Wikileaks Sweden.

    The second lady met him at a Wikileaks luncheon, went to a movie then her home. He attempted sex with her without a condom which caused an aprox. 45 minute arguement as she would not allow sex without one. (A previous boyfriend stated offically to the police that in 2 years of dating she never allowed sex without a condom) He finally consented to use the condom, they had sex, and went to sleep. Next morning she wakes up to him having sex without a condom. (A sleeping person cannot consent so that is rape in most countries. And she specifically DID NOT CONSENT to that sex act, i.e. sex without a condom. If you perform a sexual act on someone who has not only not consented but told no to that act, it is rape by Swedish or U.K. laws.) She yelled that he better not have HIV. She demanded that he get an STD test and he blew her off.

    She contacted him repeatedly and the head of Wikileaks Sweden several times to get him to get the STD test. (At this point the first woman was doing the same as well.) And he blew them off, even though the head of Wikileaks Sweden warned him he could face charges on what he did if he did not get the test. Finally they went to the police to get them to have him get the test... he skipped out on several meetings with the police and when he finally met them agreed to get the test the following monday... and instead of getting the test he fled the country to the U.K.

    You might not be aware, but the U.S. would have an easier time extraditing Assange on espionage charges (the likely charges once the Manning trial is over, if they do charge him.) from the U.K. than Sweden. As the U.S. has bilateral agreements with the U.K. on extraditions specifically on espionage. (dates back to WWI and WWII) And normal extraditions from the U.K. only require reasonable suspicion (vs. prima facie evidence) to extradite to the U.S. Not to mention that per the EU extradition laws for extradition between EU nations, if they extradite him to Sweden and then the U.S. requests extradition, they would have to actually get approval from both Sweden and the U.K. to extradite him again. (A huge hassle honestly.)

    So those claiming the extradition to Sweden is just to get him to the U.S. really do not understand how extraditions work in these countries.

  • Kini
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    8 years ago

    I dont know. If he is granted political asylum by Ecuador, the British government has a duty to honor that asylum and allow him to get to the airport.

    Of course the sex charges by Swedene were trumped up by the U.S. to get a hold of him. I pray that does not happen. Many people can avoid extradition to the U.S. simply because of the death penalty even though it takes 20 years to happen but he is a hero, not a criminal. I hope he escapes somewhere.

    It is sickening that Australia sides with the U.S. and doesnt protect him.

  • Alex G
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    8 years ago

    Yes Britain can stop him.

    The Government of Ecuador has to come with some way to persuade the UK Government to let him go or keep him in the embassy forever.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    I trust you that Bradley Manning is a hero. that is him we ought to constantly be struggling with to loose. Julian Assange, besides the undeniable fact that, is a prat with a everyday ego and a messiah complicated. He has left Manning to rot in solitary confinement on a similar time as taking all the credit himself for what Manning so bravely uncovered. Assange hogs the media limelight and in no way misses an danger to grandstand, create a drama and in many cases take in interest. and that i do no longer believe a guy who takes time to maintain dyeing his hair blonde on a similar time as allegedly on the run. i certainly can not see what he has to concern in Sweden if he's as harmless as he claims. the thought Sweden is extra in all risk to extradite him to the U. S. than the united kingdom is ridiculous. in my view i think of the rape costs ought to properly be actual, as i think of a guy as ego-crazed and delusional because it fairly is in all risk to act the comparable way in his inner maximum existence. I be conscious that even Al-Jazeera, it fairly is as against US behaviour in the middle East as anybody ought to %, is being luke-heat approximately Assange. Its internet site factors out that Assange is extremely on the brink of the president of Ecuador, who has a attractiveness for cracking down on loose speech and self sufficient journalism in his own united states.

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  • 8 years ago

    He can be arrested the moment he steps out from the embassy. If the Brits do not offer him safe-passage, and they won't. his only option is to live the rest of his life in the embassy.

    I can't wait for the day when a US federal judge sends him to the Federal Super-Max Prison in Colorado for the rest of his life.

  • 8 years ago

    The United States of Murder will NEVER get Assange.

    They can go str8 to hell.

    He will find a way.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    his chances of getting out are slim to none

    a team will already be on it probably SAS

    if he is considered important

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    He can go by car !

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