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Penn Foster degree good for University of Idaho Law School?

I'm thinking about getting a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Penn Foster because it's cheap, and flexible. The degree is DETC(distance) accredited. However, after getting a Bachelor's degree, someday I am thinking about maybe going to law school. Preferably the University of Idaho law school. Would a law school consider a DETC degree to be legitimate? I mean, they should, but I don't know for sure. Id really prefer to do the Penn Foster degree, so I can take some other classes at the local community college, and work on the criminal justice degree at my own pace. (I dont plan on slacking off, I want to try and get it done as fast as possible, I just want to be able to choose my schedule.) Oh, and I'm not getting a criminal justice degree JUST to get into law school, I am geniunely interested in the criminal justice field. Law school would just be an extension of that. Will most criminal justice jobs hire someone with a DETC degree?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The receiving institution, whether a school or an employer, will be the best source for this answer. They will always make the final decision on what verifiable qualifications an applicant has. You may want to give them a call and ask to be absolutely sure. Best wishes in your research for a school and your future.

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    4 years ago

    Penn Foster just isn't domestically approved. That means that quite a lot of legislation schools will not consider its levels to be real. Many law enforcement businesses require that your degree be from a domestically approved university. You wish to have any institution you remember to be locally authorized, or grad colleges and employers would possibly not see it as an actual degree. In addition, when you did have got to transfer, you would face first-class quandary getting your classes to transfer. Moreover, most legislation faculties endorse you not to study CJ. CJ is really for if you wish to be in regulation enforcement. The law faculties would prefer to be the ones to coach you the law.

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