My boyfriend's ex girlfriend tries to keep in contact with him?

A few days ago I found out that my boyfriend of two years has been in contact with his ex girlfriend. I am feeling really frustrated because this is the fourth time it has happen. The first time it happened he told her that he was with me and to leave him alone. The second time he did not email her back. The third and fourth time he replied back to her email. I've told him multiple times that its hurts and frustrates me that he would go behind my back and email her. I just don't understand why he does this. He broke up with her because she cheated on him with a co worker at their job. She would text the other guy while sleeping right next to him. I mean how could you want to be friends or talk to her after she did that him. He basically told me that every single time we argue it gets him down because he is not the type to argue and the fact that he doesn't have any friends to talk to since we moved to a different town a few months ago it pushed him to talk to her. I said if he wants to be with her or if he want to break up this is the moment to do it. But he said no I dont want to. At the end of the conversation he told me some things that I have to work on and I told him the things he has to work on and he gave me his password to his facebook and email. I'm going to try really hard to change my ways and I hope he will do the same. I really love this guy. He has done so much for me and has been by side when I was going through hard times in my life.

I am sooo scared that this is going to happen again. I cant trust him. What am I suppose to do if this happens again? Should I email her myself or should I end it with him? What should I do?

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    Your bf seems to be an honest person so far. It would be a mistake to end the relationship because of this minor issue. Your mistrust of him might push him closer to her. Honestly, I don't think there is anything to fear.

    I had a personal experience With an ex who was secretly seeing his ex -gf who was engaged to be married. I went over to his place unannounced and saw her in very short nighties and he in PJ's. they had spent the night together. I was really pissed and talked to him about it but he showed no remorse and she was triumphant and calling him pet names as she walked around the apartment. I told him that if he didn't get her out of the house before the end of the day, I would end it. I went back in the afternoon and she was still there. I left and never went back. Few months later, I heard from a cousin of his that she had gotten married to her fiance and changed her number. None of them(bf and his friends who supported the relationship he had with the slut) got to know the venue of her wedding. Not too long after i heard the news of what had happened the fool called me and started to talk to me like nothing happened. I had a message for him "Go **** yourself!" I have not spoken to him since then. This was 7 years ago.

    Your bf is being sincere with you. He is being open. I would suggest you don't email the ex or even log on on his Facebook (it would reaffirm that you do not trust him. Don't take the bait). You are more than that. If things don't go well with the relationship and you both go your separate ways, do it with your head held high. Don't let the ex get to you. So far, there is no reason to be upset.

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    Trust is THE most important thing in a relationship. Obviously, since he gave you his passwords, he wants to be open with you. I would recommend being open with him about how you feel, and not blaming him since he's not done anything wrong. However, at the end of the day, if you can't trust his word, you shouldn't be with him.

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    this isn't that serious. he's just lonely because you moved to a new place. give him some time to make friends and i'm sure he will leave her out of the picture then. don't leave him, just work on both of your problems together.

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    No trust then it's over. You guys are just dragging it out

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