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Mike asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 9 years ago

My name is Jose, thank you Obama?

I come from Guatemala. 15 years ago I rode a train to Guadalupe and then walked to the border. I paid a coyote to get me into Texas.

Initially I did day labor until I found a friend who had a cousin who knew someone with work papers. i paid $75 to a bandejo to become the 873rd Enrico Sanchez on the same SS number, and became a legal worker, haha, thanks suckas. I have no idea who the real Enrico is but he must have fallen thru the IRS cracks for decades. If he gets caught I'll change my name to Gonsalvo Rodriguez.

I insist from my employer that he makes me a 1099 employee, I'd be crazy to voluntarily send a check to DC at tax time.

Now, I can get a green card, no strings since I've been here so long. You crazy if you think I'm going to start giving you my hard earned money in taxes, I'm just going to apply for assistance with that green card.

Agree or disagree?


Edit: You are unfortunately right Crow

Update 2:

Edit: You're welcome for the two points Rejji. My pleasure. I always thought it was bandejo while I lived in Arizona, thanks for clarifying that.

I think Obama is pandering because in my experience, there is no way 800,000 non-tax paying residents are going to start paying taxes because they now have a green card. On the contrary, they are going to declare for social assistance.

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    lets see.........obamas failures

    his overspending put us in debt in the trillions..

    caused high inflation

    record number of entitlements=welfare state

    blames bush for everything even after 3 years.

    did nothing to slow down crime

    illegals taken over. 50 million strong now - hispanics n the usa. barrack heusin is for amnesty

    roads and infastructure falling apart

    tax increases

    weak dollar

    talked about transparency but has closed door meetings

    broken promises

    increasing our healthcare costs to pay for people who dont want to pay for themselves

    high gas prices now 4 / gal in the summer 5/gal

    look up online layoffs for 2009-2011. the liberal media only reports job creation from there messiah.

    belong to a racist church against whites for 15yrs. he quit going once he got caught.

    23.7million americans unemployed. 10 million underemployed.obama says the recession is over lol.

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    Hi Jose/Mike

  • 9 years ago

    Even if you work all the days of your life when you retire your social security will be chicken feed. So what.

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    9 years ago

    Geez....first thanks for the two points. Second, thanks for the laugh. Third, it's 'pendejo' not 'bandejo.' Fourth, this law is only temporary and everyone is up for review every two years and there is no guarantee that they will ever become permanent residents. Fifth, any presiding president can revoke this law.

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  • Crow
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    9 years ago

    Thank Mitt too Mike.

    He won't over turn the order.

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