Game's lag when I try and record.?

So on my desktop which is a compaq and I try and play games and then record them at the same time and it lags like minecraft if i record it with bandicam it lag's same with camtasia studio screen recorder but not with fraps why is that In my computer I have 4gb ram 2x2gb ram cards ddr3 and I have a nvidia geforce 9800 gtx

and I have a 2.2ghz processor does anyone know why my comp lags when recording with either of those do I have a virus or something let me know thank's


My comp only allows up to 4gb ram.

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  • 8 years ago
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    well i don't know why thew would if fraps don't. maby get more ram i snuggest 6 GB that's what now a days pces need for good quality

  • 8 years ago

    1) To increase the FPS and reduce the Lag, click "Options..." button, click "Video Settings..." button, and then click "Performance: Max FPS/Balanced/Power saver" button.

    - Performance: Max FPS => You will get the Max FPS

    - Performance: Balanced

    - Performance: Power saver

    2) If you still have the lag, play the Minecraft in Window mode, and reduce the game/Window size.

  • 8 years ago

    2.2 GHz isn't that much processing for computers when running games, so if your trying to play a game and record it at the same time, its going to lag

    Source(s): Im using a gaming computer and most pc games require about 3.2 GHz processors to run with mid-settings
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