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If i get my hair twisted every 2 weeks wash it and oil my scalp will it grow ?

Im tryin to grow my hair over summer break before school starts. My hair is at my shoulder how much will it grow in like 2 1/2 months if i take care of it?

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    The best way to grow hair is applying oil to your hair (any kind, like coconut or almond)

    You could also find tips on the internet like "foods that help hair grow" etc..(just google it)

    play with the words (while typing it up in google i mean).....go/search through various websites, and try all that u can and what best suits you.

    You've got 2 1/2 months....take your time.

    Ofcourse, be careful if u're allergic to something or u don't feel comfortable eating/applying it. Health is more important afterall.

    Hope this helped!

    Good luck! :)

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  • 8 years ago

    I think as long as you keep your scalp clean and use the oil on your ends that should help you retain length. My hair grows 1/2in per month. You may get more than that or less depending on your hair type.

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    Spoken from somebody who has very long hair (it covers my boobs like a mermaid, haha) i will say that the very superb thank you to enhance your hair long is to maintain it stable and healthy. once you hair is dry, it breaks off. And if it breaks, it particularly is harder to enhance. So get a stable shampoo and conditioner, like Garnier Fructis long and strong or the recent Aussie shampoo for long hair, and evade breaking varieties like a ponytail. whenever you sense like putting your hair in a ponytail, attempt braids instead. and don't brush your hair whilst it particularly is moist, and don't use issues like straightening or curling irons on a each and on a daily basis foundation because of the fact that warmth will actual wreck your hair. i take advantage of artful warmth conserving stuff as quickly as I straighten my hair. stable success!

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