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Is there an alternative to dating?

Dating itself just makes things predictable, and boring. I want to be with someone but as soon as the label "boyfriend" is placed on someone it just turns me off. I want something that allows freedom from these superficial labels, a free love. Not an open relationship, but how do you explain to someone you want to be with them but not "dating" them [in the traditional sense]. Any Aquarius in Venus, Mercury people? How do you handle relationships? A love without labels?

One of my best friends is an aquarius, I get along with her Great. should I look for an aquarius guy then? Since I have a lot of uranus in my chart. But I'm interested in this Cancer guy, I already told him I like him. How do I explain that I want him...? Other ways of being together?


Thank you SaggiMC.

I can't find the astro chart on the site so I'll just tell you:

Sun Pisces,---Asc Pisces

Sun square pluto,

Moon Virgo--

Moon trine Neptune, Moon conjuct Mars, Moon opposite Saturn, Moon trine Uranus, Moon sextile Pluto

Mercury In Aquarius--

Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury semisquare Saturn

Venus in Aquarius

Mars In Libra--

Mars opposite Saturn,

Mars sextile Pluto,

Mars trine Uranus,

Mars trine Jupiter,

Mars trine Neptune

Jupiter In Aquarius--

Jupiter conjunct Uranus,

Jupiter sextile Saturn,

Jupiter sextile Pluto

Saturn in Aries--

Saturn sextile Uranus

Saturn trine Pluto

Uranus in Aquarius--

Uranus sextile Pluto

NePtune in CaPricorn

Pluto In Sagittarius




Update 2:

I Agree with you, @Aquarius! Really, it's like I can already predict the future of the relationship when I start dating someone. Do you have facebook add me

Want to be my friend? :D

Update 3:

Thank you @MoDizzifromSanDizzi I agree maybe that's what I should do.

And Aquarius, omg. We're twins or smth? I always thought about that "I'm yours and your mine"

I only belong to the Universe, sometimes humans think they're too smart lol. :D Add me as a contact you too MoDizzi! :DD

Update 4:

I agree with you @troy if we don't label it as a relationship then if things don't work out...We can move on clean and free, because there is nothing to hold onto. It's life, mostly there's nothing to hold on to so love everyone because though we're live for tomorrow and cry for yesterday...we'll only see today and today and today. Wow. Life's a river, there's no boat, I'm just swimming, relaxing, as I go gently down this beautiful, everlasting stream...but sometimes I like to swim... :p I'm a pisces :D

@Aquarius yeah, I tried to deny I was a Virgo moon for a time. But then I thought about how Virgo--Is like Virgin Mary you know. Beautiful, caring women with true faith. Don't take it as law. :D

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    9 years ago
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    Uh, I way say you have to tell him to TRUST you!

    You can date however YOU want it is your life.

    When I first asked my boyfriend to be my boyfriend and he said Yes, I said to him what kind of relationship is this going to be? And he said Whatever you do, do not cheat on me (see he set boundaries), and I tried to push the boundaries because I was always non-commital in my relationships and he said No basically, if you want to be with ME, I only date loyal women and it shocked the hell out of me. I was never loyal, heck I never even commited up until our relations.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is, you have to draw boundaries and tell him what you want. And if he cannot comply, maybe he's just not for you

    Source(s): Edit: LOL and Good and done! You are added! :) I really think that it may be your Aquarius mercury... that you think the way you do
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    9 years ago

    I hate to call people boyfriend either... it makes you feel like you are part of a PROGRAM/marriage path or something like that...

    It's like you know the ending: break-up or wedding, so I understand what you mean, I hate that too.

    And I hate marriage because it's like being trapped in a nightmare. Everything is so different, it changes people I think... Don't you think? Things go down a route and a path and it leads you to death, that is not a problem, but reality is very different when you marry.

    It is like it has to be ending in divorce nowadays or cheating or being violent (domestic violence) or even worse...

    I thought the reason why people married was because they wanted to be together, because they eternally loved each other and also to preserve the species (sorry it sounds cold lol), but what I mean is that people don't marry for that. People marry for physical dependence or other bs like that and that screws it all, because then what is the point. The consequence of this is that Marriage objectifies people, so you end up like two objects pretending, "you are mine and I am yours".

    What does this mean??? You don't owe others like objects, it's not he is mine and I am yours, you can't do that. It does not mean that you have to cheat, but it means you belong to yourself only, and you share feelings/ideals with your other half. It does not mean that he owns you or owe him. Loyalty is an ideal, it is not a material thing. Isn't it?

    Idk if you get what I mean, but in short, marriage is a physical union, not a spiritual one...

    So if you don't have the ideals shared you should be able to break the marriage... What is the point if love, loyalty and trust are absent? The point is material gain and that sucks girl!!!

    And I am never going to be a robot anyway... Do things like everyone does just because it is fashionable or something like that!! People marry for the fashion of the thing, not because of their feelings so they are fake and I hate to fake that!

    Hey I just checked your chart, we have some things in common e.g. moon, mercury, venus and jupiter. Jupiter in particular makes you very clever and that is not really cool to deal with... LOL.

    Idk, from your chart I would suppose you are intelligent. The real problem is the Virgo moon... we are fussy, there is nothing you can do to change that unfortunately!!! And very kind!!! This is TERRIBLE!! I am dating someone with Pisces Sun/Virgo-Libra Moon as well now, because he shows inside, what I display outside... so I really feel it when he is in pain and viceversa, it's like I feel it on my skin, you know! Idk, have you tried a Virgo moon, or even a Gemini Moon? I also know Scorpio moon works well with our moon sign! I never tried them, so I am trying now! LOL, good luck!

    Source(s): Venus in Aquarius.
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    I have always made it perfectly clear in any relationship through actions and words .. be it ,family ,friends,love or like, that I am an individual first. I live this way and appreciate this quality in others. I love being a part of a meaningful loving relationship..but I don't believe in sacrificing my soul for love or anything for that matter.

    I share my love and feel that love is freedom to be the best you ..with or without others,but my first priority is to be love and treat myself lovingly.

    I am of the mind that if this is your choice and you live by this choice,that you will meet and encounter many like minded people

    Source(s): Cancer Sun conj Uranus 12th h Aquarius 7th h
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    9 years ago

    It is interesting that you find boring what I like in a relationship... I love stability.

    Source(s): Virgo Sun Virgo Mercury Libra Venus
  • 9 years ago

    god i wish my ex would not want to lable me as her bf.. Maybe then i could move on

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