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3 weeks old rabbit food problem?!!?

i have 2 bunnies named toffee and vanilla which were 2 weeks old when i bought them.they drank 2,5 cc (cow milk+honey+yellow part of egg)but now(they are 3 weeks old now) vanilla drinks 10 cc and toffee drinks 8 cc is it right to feed them this much or not?btw they eat carrot and lettuce plus milk too.i am afraid they get overweight and i really don't know how much milk does a 3 weeks old rabbit need.if u have any information i'll be thankful.

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    Why would you buy them at 2 weeks old? You shouldn't get them until around 8 weeks. Don't give them cow milk. Go to your vet or PetCo and get a cat milk substitute.

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    To begin with rabbits are the identical as cats and puppies and should now not be away from their mother except 8 weeks historic. Rabbits do higher if left until 10 weeks or so. Additionally, lettuce is very unhealthy for rabbits and if the baby has eaten any then it have got to go to a vet that focuses on rabbits instantly above all whether it is torpid. Carrots are like snickers bars to rabbit and will have to only be fed as a deal with and now not a source of meals. Please read up on rabbits!! You should have researched before you obtained one and i am sorry to say it is usually too late for that terrible child bunny. Your friend must not own/breed rabbits both for the reason that the most likely have no idea anything about them either!

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    It is best to see if you can find a breeder who has a doe with a litter the same age, and see if they are willing to foster the litter. Rabbit kits do not do well when bottle fed because no available milk replacer is ideal for them. If you are unable to locate someone with a lactating doe willing to take them, read on.

    Do not feed them any other fresh fruit or vegetable. While they can begin to nibble hay and pellets now in addition to their mother's milk, that cannot constitute their whole diet at that age, and they will need to be bottle-fed milk replacer for about another 5 weeks before they are fully weaned. They will have just barely begun to eat solids at 3 weeks and their digestion will not be able to cope with a solid-only diet. Do not give them cow's milk, unless you'd like them to die. Goat's milk or Kitten Milk Replacer are the two best options available, though neither is ideal. You will feed only twice daily.

    Detailed instruction is here:

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    that is WAY too young for rabbits to leave their mothers. I think you need specialised advice - go to a vet or a rabbit rescue and ask them.

    they should never eat lettuce, and carrots are way too sugary. they shouldnt even be eating veg at this age - please go to a vet and ask or theyll grow up malnourished.

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