Need private health insurance for disabled Veteran?

I can go to the VA for health concerns but it is an hour drive. What if I just have a cold or something not involving my service connected disability. Having trouble finding private health care that will accept me due to my disability. Anyone know of a company willing to issue a policy for my family and me? Currently live in Kentucky. Thanks


I am self employed and only 30% disabled rating through the VA. My wife has had insurance through her employer but we are about to lose it. Walk in clinics sounds the best so far but still have to pay for prescriptions. I just used a cold as an example of a minor illness and yes I know its not open heart surgery. I am currently taking cholesterol medication and other medications for other illnesses. Private insurance companies will not take someone with existing conditions including my service connected knee replacement. PCIP is a government plan that will cover anyone with reasonable rates but you must be without insurance for a 6 month period to name one of their three requirement. I pass the other 2 requirements. Thanks for every ones continued help with this question.

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    9 years ago
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    It's not the hour's drive, it's the long waits for blood draws and the three-months for an appointments at VA hospitals. ;)

    You are aware that you can get on Social Security Disability, too, right? Assuming you can get on that too, then it comes with Medicare. A Medicare card plus $95 is a local doctor's visit. Hubby is our disabled vet on Medicare. He does go to the VA for routine stuff - and not so routine, since "routine" is rather subjective, when you're disabled. When he just wants a shorter trip to a regular doctor, he'll see my doctor (used to be his, before becoming disabled) for $95.

    I'm disabled too, but not a vet, so I bought medigap insurance to pay more of the difference that Medicare doesn't cover. Now, I'm in Philly, so health insurance costs are higher here than in most other parts of the country, but I spend $154.30 a month for the medigap insurance (a subdivision of Blue Cross/Blue Shield) with a prescription plan, which just about equals my prescription cost per month. My co-pay for prescriptions is $5. My co-pay for my regular doctor is $10, specialists are $50, and ER is $50. With Medicare, getting insurance is cheaper, because we are a larger group - Social Security people - disabled or retired.

    So, you're disabled, why not apply for Disability? It's not the best care in the world, but it's better than nothing.

    Also, why go to the doctors for a cold? There is no cure. They may prescribe antibiotics, but that does nothing for a cold, and it merely makes you more susceptible to building a tolerance against antibiotics when you really need them.

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    I don't know your situation like if you're renting now or renting an apartment or a home or how much you want to move or what's in the area where you are now as far as family assistance is concerned but if you just have a cold well there are pharmacists everywhere that could suggest something for you to use and you don't have to go to a hospital. There are also "walk in clinics" around and some are even located in the grocery stores called little clinics where you'd see a nurse. If you have an emergency you'd go to a public hospital where they "must" see you and then later you'd work out a payment plan with the hospital's business office (know that each emergency room visit might cost $3,000 upwards). You could call the VA and ask them what to do since you don't always have transportation as maybe they have a transport that could take you and bring you back from the doctor and bill the VA. Could even be an airport limo or specific county transportation set up for this purpose. All I know is that the VA provides for the former military so call them and have a good discussion as to what they can provide you. Don't try to get your own private health insurance.

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    even nevertheless you're in basic terms 50% disabled you will no longer qualify for guy or woman medical coverage in maximum states. There are no longer any guy or woman plans which you would be able to tailor to slot your desires, and the reality that the VA will pay for particular circumstances will no longer be a bargaining gadget for extra affordable costs. you need to attempt your state severe danger pool, however with maximum states there's a waiting era and the top classification oftentimes reflects the better danger customers. in case you need to artwork you may attempt to get a job with a enterprise that has wellness reward. As a final motel you need to attempt a mix of a defined income plan partnered with an twist of destiny coverage and a serious ailment coverage, or as an extremely final motel you need to attend till 0bamacare kicks in January a million and get on a marketplace plan (if available by potential of then).

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