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It is noise for other people.

It is noise for other people.這句英文裡有文法錯誤嗎? 如果沒有請問是否用noisy 會更恰當呢?


完整的句子是 We can't laugh loudly in the library, it is noise for other people.

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    noisy = making a lot of noise = loud

    Steam engines are noisy and dirty.

    The streets are so noisy at night.

    noise = a loud or unpleasant sound

    The noise of the machines is deafening.

    Please will you stop making so much noise!

    It is noise to other people.=對別人來說,這個(聲音/音樂)是譟音。


    這裡的代名詞 it = the soun


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    it = the sound

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    不一定 要看情況 要用在適當的情況

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