Is ejaculation dangerous?

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Actually i am 15 yrs old and i am having a problem of ejaculation when i was 14 yrs old one day some kids were jumping on me as we were playing( i was taking advantage and i was more
Update : Ok thank u very much i know that no one tell this publicly but i was more
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That is called a wet dream, it is normal.
I will NOT affect you in anyway.

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thaks but please tell me about weakness
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    It is just normal 3-4 times wet dream (swapan dosh) in a month is just normal.
    Good luck
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  • Phill answered 2 years ago
    This happens sometime with guys when they are going through puberty. i still have that and im 20. its sex dreams mainly. however in your condition if you feel week in the knees i would recommend you get that checked.


    phillalko i studyed nursing
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  • sagar_b15 answered 2 years ago
    stop thinking so much. Its perfectly all right!
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  • Derek answered 2 years ago
    Ejaculation is totally healthy. There is nothing wrong with you. What you experienced that night was a wet dream. It happens to a lot of guys your age, and is perfectly normal.
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  • devendra answered 2 years ago
    This happens to every person of your age but no one tell it publicly.
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