Hows the Samsung Focus 2?

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I might want this phone, but i want to make sure its decent. I know pretty much everything about it, but i want to know how it is in day to day/personal use. Thanks.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
its an amazing phone with a very fluid and fast ui no lags comparing to android ...
the operating system is amazing and its app store keeps increazing it has now 100 000 and counting
its got all the necessary apps and deep facebook twitter linked in integration and can run skype
both the focus 2 and the nokia lumias run the same specs excluding the lumia 610 which is a bugget phone but i would suggest for you to get a lumia 900 or 800 which has a better design or the 710 and 610 which are a little bit cheaper but still better they contain exclusive nokia apps like espn and the angry birds space will be only exclusive for the nokia phones
they also got nokia traffic and nokia maps which are free turn by turn navigation and nokia transport they help you getting around while using public transport
in the end both are amazing phones but the lumias got more options and better build quality
tell me what you chose
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