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Best frugal tip you have?

Everyone has some frugal tip of their own. Anyone care to share their favorite frugal ideas?

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  • Isha
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
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    Lucky you, I happened to be online cause I am frugal master.

    Eat all of your foods with grain ie rice, bread, pasta... 30-50% of the dish should be grain. Makes meats and veggies go further.

    Use rags instead of toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Color code them so they don't get mixed up. We thought it was crazy at first but now we prefer it and ur bum gets clean in one wipe if u wet with water lol.

    Get your jewelry from pawn shops... And always have them lower the display price. I got a 1k diamond 99 platinum ring for $520 from a pawn shop.

    Save all containers from food: pickle jars, peanut butter, cool whip, all of it- use it as tupoware since it always goes mysteriously missing. Don't heat the food in these containers though and only top rack wash.

    Use bleach as your all purpose cleaner. The ratio is 1 tsp for every quart of water or 1/4 cup for every gallon of water. Forget the lemon scented stuff, all u need is good old bleach water.

    If you have baby or plan to, use cloth diapers only (you can even make them easily) and instead of baby wipes use a soft material as a cloth and carry around a bottle of water to wet and clean on the go.

    Clothes come from thrift stores. Everything except shoes and underwear. And hand me downs for the children. If a shirt gets messed up, recycle it into something else (if you know how to sew) if not, just cut it into rags to use around the house.

    Don't get new furniture, except for mattresses... Or if you are lucky find a used waterproof mattress u can clean yourself.

    Best places to shop: thrift stores, craigslist(always go with a partner), walmart, heb(they have fresh or free policy)

    Buy things like rice and flour in bulk, don't let veggies or meat go bad, and if u have enough time, make homemade bread...very cheap.

    Set thermostat to 80 during summer and fan whatever room u are using,

    During winter, set it to 65 and bundle up... Or if use you fireplace if u have one

    Never eat out unless it's a special occasion or someone gives u a gift card or u have coupon

    Don't let your kids be picky, feed them what u have and not chicken nuggets n French fries cause that's expensive.

    Turn lights off, only wash full loads of laundry/ dishes, put plastic film over windows during winter

    Don't go shopping for fun. Dont go places that cost money for entertainment. Find other ways to entertain yourself for free... Parks, card games, board games, electronics at home, outdoor activities, museums zoos(the free ones)... Stuff like that

    Only go shopping every 2 weeks...including groceries and anything else you need (takes time getting used to) it saves on gas. Pack lunches for work or school rather than eating out or eating school lunch that cost money

    Budget for everything, know what you make, know your bills, know what you should save, and even give yourself a little spending money for month that you can do whatever with

    Pay loans off ASAP or interest accumulates.

    Buy cars in cash by saving up for them instead of getting a loan

    Ok that's all I can think of. :) happy frugal hunting

    Source(s): This is what my family does
  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    I don't waste money on paper towels, instead I buy a big pack of white wash clothes every six months (costs about $4). I use the new ones in my bathrooms, and retire the old ones to the kitchen. I use them for things people use paper towels for, and bleach them in a load together.

    I buy the cheapest toilet paper. Someone from this site actually turned me onto the 97cent pack of six at Walmart. Before that I was spending about $3 a pack.

    I never use plastic or paper dishes. Cleaning real dishes is much cheaper.

    In general:if its something I'm going to be throwing in the trash I try to spend little to no money on it. I definitely don't want to flush money down the toilet.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Get a money tin and put it somewhere up out of reach. Every time you have change in your purse/wallet or even if you put in $10 a week it'll cover christmas presents and maybe a small holiday at the end of each year/start of new year. :)

    If you have small children get them to put the money in the tin. Tell that that you are putting the money in there so you can buy nice things later on when there s lots in there. It's a good way to teach money management to the little kids. My toddler LOVES doing this with me. :)

  • 9 years ago

    From my sister: buy one-ply toilet paper not two-ply. Kind of a weird thing to do, but the one-ply is cheaper and if you have little kids like mine, they`re always wasting toilet paper no matter how many times I tell them not to and they don`t notice the difference between the one-ply or two-ply, so it`s a good tip in my opinion :)

    I also bake all our own breads and desserts -- it`s half because it`s cheaper and half because our two older daughters have allergies so it`s safer for us to make most of our food at home. The downside is that it`s time consuming, which is kind of miserable, but I`ve been doing it for years now and I don`t really mind... :)

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