I'm confused about Los Angeles is it a city or a county?

Apparently there is a county of Los Angeles and a city of Los angeles...what is like the difference?...which one has like the hollywood sign in it and the celebrities in it? or why is there even a county and a city with the same name can someone clarify this for me?

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  • Lisa B
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    8 years ago
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    Los Angeles is a City and also a County. Los Angeles County is much larger than the City of Los Angeles. The same is true in San Diego. San Francisco is different, because the City and County are the same size and are a single political entity.

    In California, a city has its own government, as does a county (to govern the part that is not in the city). It may seem confusing, but it isn't so bad once you get used to it.

    It is not unusual for a city and county to have the same name. New York is a city, a county, and a state!

    Most of the celebrity stuff is in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and places like that, which is in LA County, not in the city.

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    Los Angeles is a city inside Los Angeles County which is inside the vast Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

    Hollywood is a entertainment & arts district in the city of L.A.

    The vast Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is made up of Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, southwestern San Bernardino County, & western Riverside County. Its located in Southern California & its sometimes called "The Southland".

    The San Diego is also in SoCal but its considered a different metropolitan area.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Both . Los Angeles County has several incorporated cities (Santa Monica , Beverly Hills , Burbank , Compton , etc)

    While Los Angeles a city and county seat of LA county . Hollywood is more like a neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles .

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    Los Angeles County is a huge area with 88 cities in it, plus many unincorporated areas (they are like cities without a city government, so the county governs them). The City of Los Angeles is located in LA County, along with cities like Santa Monica, Glendale, Pasadena, and unincorporated areas like Altadena, East LA, Marina del Rey, etc. Hollywood is a district (neighborhood) within the City of Los Angeles.

    Typically, anyone who lives in LA County, especially close to LA City, would say they live in LA.

    I don't know why both are named Los Angeles, but think about New York state and New York City.

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    L. A. County is larger and entails within its boundaries unincorporated areas and the incorporated following cities: Chronological Order of Incorporation 1. L. A. 2. Pasadena three. Santa Monica 4. Monrovia 5. Pomona 6. Lengthy beach 7. South Pasadena 8. Compton 9. Redondo beach 10. Whittier 11. Azusa 12. Covina thirteen. Alhambra 14. Arcadia 15. Vernon 16. Glendale 17. Huntington Park 18. La Verne 19. Hermosa beach 20. Sierra Madre 21. Claremont 22. Inglewood 23. Burbank 24. San Fernando 25. Glendora 26. El Monte 27. New york seashore 28. San Gabriel 29. San Marino 30. Avalon 31. Beverly Hills 32. Monterey Park 33. El Segundo 34. Culver city 35. Montebello 36. Torrance 37. Lynwood 38. Hawthorne 39. South Gate 40. West Covina 41. Signal Hill forty two. Maywood forty three. Bell 44. Gardena forty five. Palos Verdes Estates forty six. Lakewood 47. Stanley Baldwin Park forty eight. Cerritos forty nine. La Puente 50. Downey 51. Rolling Hills 52. Paramount fifty three. Santa Fe Springs 54. Industry fifty five. Bradbury fifty six. Irwindale fifty seven. Duarte fifty eight. Norwalk 59. Bellflower 60. Rolling Hills Estates 61. Percent Rivera sixty two. South El Monte sixty three. Walnut 64. Artesia sixty five. Rosemead 66. Lawndale sixty seven. Commerce sixty eight. La Mirada 69. Temple metropolis 70. San Dimas 71. Cudahy seventy two. Bell Gardens 73. Hidden Hills 74. Palmdale 75. Hawaiian Gardens 76. Lomita seventy seven. Carson 78. Rancho Palos Verdes seventy nine. La Canada-Flintridge 80. Lancaster 81. La Habra Heights 82. Westlake Village eighty three. Agoura Hills 84. West Hollywood eighty five. Santa Clarita 86. Diamond Bar 87. Malibu 88. Calabasas

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    In your other question you were talking about moving to Los Angeles. Well, honestly, if you don't know WHAT it is, you don't need to move there.

    As everyone else said, it is a country and a city. You're talking about Los Angeles the city, in California.

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  • Muppet
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    8 years ago

    I guess they don't teach Civics or Government anymore.

    The city of Los Angeles, along with a bunch of suburbs, is located in the county of Los Angeles.

    The city of Dallas, TX is located in Dallas County. Same thing, major city surrounded by a bunch of suburbs.

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    Los Angeles is a county: Los Angeles County which is located in the state of California.

    Los Angeles is a city: the City of Los Angeles which is within Los Angeles County. The mayor of Los Angeles is Antonio Villaraigosa and his office is in City Hall in downtown L.A.

    The areas of L.A. were many celebrities maintain homes are: Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Century City,

    West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, Brentwood and Malibu.

    The Hollywood sign is located on Mt. Lee in Griffith Park. The park is the largest urban park in the US with 4000 acres.

    In the US it's quite common for a county and a city/town within that county to have the same name.

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    Its a city.....City of Los Angeles

  • 8 years ago

    It's like, a city, you know!

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