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How much is insurance for a 17 year old?

I live in MA and I'm just curious how much money I would have to pay for my insurance...if anyone knows how I go about finding that out it would be very helpful! Thanks

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    Here's some of my info:



    -have had my license since February 2012

    -no tickets/violations

    -took drivers ed

    -live in California

    -have a 2003 Mazda 6

    My insurance with my parents is around $300 a month (full coverage) with Allstate Insurance

    When you call up some insurance company's you will need to tell them what make/model/year car you will be driving, your parents driving info, when you got your license, drivers license #, how many miles you will be driving a year, how often you intend on using your car, etc.

    Source(s): My knowledge of insurance as of June 19th, 2012 :) haha
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    This is just about the worst possible place to ask this question. About the best you can hope for here is a wild guess. You would be just as well off picking a random number out of a hat.

    For one thing, there are too many variables involved for someone to even give a ballpark figure. Things like your age, gender, location, driving record, vehicle getting insured, local minimum requirements, coverage desired, deductibles, etc.

    Keep in mind that if you finance the vehicle the lender will require that you keep full coverage insurance until the loan is paid in full. Your lender will be immediately notified of any changes to this vehicle's insurance status. Full coverage insurance will be significantly more expensive than the minimum liability insurance.

    Since you are a minor, less than 17 years old, you can not purchase insurance. A parent must purchase a policy and have you added as a driver to the policy.

    Get up and walk away from the computer.

    Walk over to the telephone.

    Near the telephone, most people keep a large book

    Many times this book will have colored pages, usually yellow

    Open the book to the colored pages section and look for the heading Insurance

    Here you will find the telephone numbers to people in your area who actually sell insurance. Imagine that.

    Pick up the telephone and dial one of these numbers. Since you are a minor, one of your parents needs to make this call.

    A friendly person will answer. This person will be either an insurance agent or a person that works for them. Ask this person your question. This person may ask you a few questions to get some added details. Have the VIN number of the vehicle getting covered by this policy handy if possible. If you do not own the vehicle yet and do not have the VIN then the year, make, and exact model will work.

    In no time, you will have a quote on the price. HINT: A quote will be far more accurate than any wild guess that you might get here.

    Write down some of the details on a piece of paper. Phone number, name of the person you spoke with, price, deductibles, coverage, etc.

    Next, repeat the process using one of the other telephone numbers you found in the telephone book in the colored pages section under the heading insurance.

    After you have spoken to at least a few insurance agents, you can start to compare prices, coverage, and deductibles. Then pick the insurance agent that has the best deal for you, call them back, and then strike a deal.

    One last piece of advice. You are far better off going through a local insurance agent where you know them and they know you. Let’s say a few months after you get your insurance you get broadsided by an uninsured motorist. Who would you rather be working with? A local person that you know and knows you. Or hear "Press 1 for English", pause "Your call is important to us. Please wait for the next available agent...” a very very long wait, then finally get someone from a far away call center that barely speaks English. Sometimes the cheapest insurance is not the best insurance. Think about it for a bit before you make your final decision.

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    RE :How much is insurance for a 17 year old?

    I live in MA and I'm just curious how much money I would have to pay for my insurance...if anyone knows how I go about finding that out it would be very helpful! Thanks

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    Get insurance quotes

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  • You will have to pay literally NOTHING compared to what 17 year olds have to pay here in England. We pay £4000 a year, you will probably pay about $500 Lol

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