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Guys help.....please! How does he expect me to respond to him?

Ok I dated this guy for two months, not long I know, but he was super amazing charming and perfect and I fell hard, then he had some family pressures, a death in the family also, and I got pushy for time, so he broke up with me, over text! Saying that he does not see a future here

Few weeks later, I said hi as we do a common weekend class (we are 31 btw) and he responded eagerly, coming over, making out, taking me out etc, and things were coming back to normal

I had not spoken abt what happ yet, and before I could, he backed off and became distant and friendly, chatting occasionally, and then telling me he's out with some girl for dinner that his parents set him up with, to get married to!

I was heartbroken, asked him to talk abt this but no response, so I wrote him an e-mail saying how hurt I am about this treatment and very disappointed all in all (he put up his profile pic with this gir!l)

Today he called me, I told him I was in the middle of something and we hung up, why is he calling me now? I'm not sure how to respond now, should I just ignore him or call back? If he calls back again and wants to talk about what happened, what should I do?? I feel conflicted, I still miss him but hate the way it ended too and he's clearly moved on, so what does he want?

I still have the class, two more months, decided I'm not quitting it just because of him, I mostly ignore him and talk if he talks to me, but it hurts a lot and I'm not over him yet. The thing is, I don't hate him and keep struggling to think if he wants to be friends, maybe I should? Just not sure I'm upto it because of my feelings and the hurt over how he chose to end it and move on....

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    pretend you are over it. set your profile picture as one of you and a boy mate. play the same game.

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