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Last month one of my best friends died in a car crash.?

I think I'm becoming depressed because of this. I miss her so much. I realized shes gone but there's a part of me that wakes up every morning and hopes to see her. My mom is worried about me. I barely eat anymore and I lay in bed allll day and cry and sleep or watch tv. I don't leave the house but maybe once or twice a week, If at all.

She died the day right before our last day of freshman year. My parents are getting a divorce and now I'm gonna go to a new school and I just lost her. I kind of feel like nothing good is happening to me right now.

So I guess my question is, am I going to be okay? Is it ever gonna stop hurting? Thanks xx

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    As long as you're not the car, you'll be ok.

    Sucks to be the car.

    EDIT: I feel like an asshole for saying that now...

    As long as you believe you will be ok, you will be ok.

    Go on 9gag. Watch some funny videos. Troll on Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo! News.

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    LIfe is not fair and as much as it can suck it can also go the other direction far more than you ever thought possible you are far too young to be losing friends like this but it happens you cant change it and all you can do with anyone in your life is hold onto them for but the moment sometimes it seems. We as humans are more aware of what and who we are in this universe compared to other animals and insects and plants and trees. Since this is true we also get to learn to love and laugh and hurt and feel pain. It is a part no one likes and it takes time to heal.

    What is right? what is wrong? sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle but I do know this. There is always a reason that we are alive. Some omnipotent being if you will has a plan for us that includes love and happiness longing and the ability to hold onto and share the bautiful things that are on this earth in every corner of the world. For our entire lives people places and things continue to work out in amazing fashion as long as we keep the faith and have hope. Hope is the thing that binds it all together. hope is the reason to get up get out and get busy living. hope causes the remote batteries to die so we have to leave the house and go find something else to do. Its ok to love and its ok to hurt. Learn to live for yhe moment and always remember those who helped us get through the tough times. good luck never ever give up. hang in there it gets better life is what you make it.

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    You're just going through some tough times right now. Everyone goes through this. Just try to keep your head held high, seek support from your friends and, and you'll be fine. Will it ever stop hurting? Not completely considering how close you were with her, but things will get better than they are right now. Death isn't an easy thing to deal with, and I don't think you ever completely get over it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm sure U will be OK ! All of your friends hope U have a happy life . Everyone have some tough and difficult experinces.U will get over it.If she live now , she doesnot wannat see U unhappy !

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    You have a tender heart. And you must have really loved her. It is evident you have so much love to give. You parents are divorcing but their love for you remains the same so don't hesitate to count on them. your friend had a purpose in life and she's gone because she served her purpose. you have one too. We all do. And to serve that purpose I know you'll be alright. Have faith and truly believes that it happened for the right reason. Not a mistake. God knows why he takes his angels back.

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    You should believe that anything unlucky will go away and the happiness is waiting for you in the front

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