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Who Sir? Me Sir?心得拜託


規定必須兩百字以上 全英文 心得

請各位幫幫忙 急!!!!!!!

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    發問者您好,這篇問答雖然可能會被管理員移除,但是老雲認為K. M. Peyton的【Who, Sir? Me, Sir?】這本書,頗值得探討;加上老雲在為同學選書的時候,也剛好看過這一套書(Oxford Bookworms Library),所以就來為您整理一些要點,可是您還是得自己把這些重點寫成200字的心得喔!



      Sam sylvester, a teacher at Hawkwood, entered his four students for a competition against their long-term rival, the obnoxious Greycoats school. However, the expenses were rather unaffordable for the school, and the training so demanding that several students bailed out. But some of them are persevering and refused to give up. So they began to recruit new members and managed to pay for their own training fees. During the whole preparation process, they encountered one hardship after another, but conquered them all one by one. Finally, the big day came for them to do their best and try to beat their "obnoxious" rivals.


    1. You won't know what you can achieve until you try, so have faith in yourself.


    2. Where there is a will, there is a way. Despite all difficulties, don't give up.


    3. It is not the results but what you've learn in the course that counts.


    4. Wealth is not everything. Even underdogs can be under the limelight.




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    1. Which character in this story do you like or identify with most? Why?



    Nutty, because she is the heroine of the story and is brave and intelligent.

    Nails, although he is cold and disgreeable in appearance, he has a kind heart.

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    2. Is "Who, Sir? Me, Sir?" a suitable title for this story? Why, or why not?

    Think of an alternative title for this book.


    3. List several good sentences you like in the book and give reasons to explain why you choose these sentences.


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