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So im 15 years old, Filipina, and im pretty dark skinned. I know YG auditions are coming up, i wanna try out because a lot of people say im good singer (i dont personally think lol). But anyway, do you think my skin color will matter o_o cause most kpop idols are pale white, or at least not my color LOL. and i have a few questions...

1) What is the audition process like?

2) Trainee life?

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    8 years ago
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    Hi! We are the same age that's cool!

    Okay so the audition process is not as scary as some people think before they audition. There are some people that already auditioned for YG in London so they have some experience videos on youtube. Just type in *yg audition, this week* and you will see them.

    Trainee life is intense, it really tests your dedication and develops your skill. You learn English and Japanese or Korean and Japanese if you aren't fluent in Korean yet. You have singing lessons, everybody in YG can sing, even if they auditioned as a rapper they will learn how to sing. They will sculpt your body and put you on a diet if you are overweight. Training is hard but it's worth it to be the best.

    When you are auditioning don't be so nervous that you are frozen in front of the judges lol. One of the judges / casting manager from yg said the first thing they look at is the 'IT' factor aka swag so if you have swag but you sing decently they will see potential. So you have to show everything you got but make it your own and show your personality. YG won't care if your skin is dark right now but they would lighten your skin while your training.

    Good Luck~

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    4 years ago

    At the different answerer, you are appearing as if Michelle isn't 1/2 Korean, full black, is not fluent in Korean nor was once born there and is not incredibly proficient. It does not particularly topic if you're dark skinned, for those who get authorized it can be quite effortless to lighten your epidermis and actually would not fee a lot. Most idols lighten their dermis anyway, to be sincere, if you happen to appear at pre-debut photo and now verify their reward pix there may be a gigantic difference about their epidermis from earlier than to now. To be sincere, the entire 2NE1 women are short so i do not suppose top particularly issues a lot. 1) the opposite answerer is fallacious, sources of allkpop, soompi and different web sites quote this: "whenever you cross the primary rounds of auditions, you are going to be invited to the final circular in Korea!" which means there are best 2 auditions. When you pass the first one, you get invited to head to the second one where you must pay in your possess transportation to South Korea (they aren't willing to pay for you unless you sign a contract below YG and are definite you're a trainee). The audition method is discreet, for the first round you go to the audition position of your choice and audition like average. I don't need to write out the whole system but if you wish to comprehend, just do a fast search on audition procedures for Korean amusement organizations and you can get your answer. Then you definately fly to Korea and the subsequent audition is similar to the primary, however in contrast to the primary you are not surrounded by means of 9 different people in a room, you perform on my own on a stage and the judges are now greater up in role within the enterprise - Artist, choreographers, producers, and many others. 2. Trainee existence is complex, it can be a approach that takes years of hard work, choice and little rest. In YG, trainees undergo - dancing, singing, overseas language and bodily coaching. They see a vocal trainer three or more occasions every week as good as a dance coach and receive at some point off every week (Sundays) for resting -- which is most likely used by the trainees to compensate for sleep, practice singing or rehearse choreography from the earlier week of coaching so they may be able to go back tomorrow and be ready. I must say earlier than i go on, on YG's Korean Audition page they say that you ought to converse Korean and their intent being "considering their trainers can converse Korean". I must also word they do not instruct Korean in their amenities and alternatively only educate English, chinese language and jap. They assume you to be at the least Intermediate and up on your Korean expertise and equipped to communicate/have an understanding of when anyone is speakme Korean to you. If you do not speak Korean to that stage, there is no hope for you whether or now not you might be Korean yourself and even non-Asian. Anyway, to continue, in their services they actually have a exercise middle for you to get fit and a cafeteria as well full with healthful food... If you're a tremendous on the better facet, you will get slimmer actually. The dangerous phase about it's the lack of sleep, the dearth of admire ("mental" coaching if you wish to call it. They prepare you for superstar world by way of insulting and saying whatever to harm your vainness) and the shortage of privacy/private existence.

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    Skin color isnt a problem with yg. they only care about actual talent. As for the audition process, i have no idea. But training will be like dancing and singing coaching. Make overs and more coaching. But thats all i know.

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    Location : Korea FNC Academy

    (Ho Seong Building, dongja-dong mapo-gu, Seoul )

    Audition Time: 4/24(四)14:00

    Participants: Overseas applicants

    How to resister:


    *Please inform which course you want to enroll

    ( One week course or Audition course).

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