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Poll: Is it better to stop my sister drinking underage and make her a loser or let her have fun and be popular?

Drinking underage isn't really a big deal, is it?

I don't want to stop her, I'd feel bad about it.

Plus, if I let her drink when our parents are out, she brings her hot friends around.

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    People have to learn stuff like this themselves. I'd let her do it.

    When she makes herself hella sick -- or worse -- she'll learn her lesson.


    Source(s): Trust me, interfering will just lead to further resistance, and drive a wedge between you. I've been in those shoes.
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    Drinking underage IS a big deal.

    For one, it's illegal. If they get caught, they can get in huge trouble. If YOU would be caught ALLOWING her to drink, you would get in trouble also, for allowing a minor to have alcohol. (You'd probably get in even worse trouble than she would, since you'd be allowing it to happen)

    Second, teens who begin drinking underage are much more likely to grow up to be an alcoholic.

    Third, it's dangerous! First of all, her brain is still growing, and drinking alcohol kills brain cells. Which you can't get back. Second, how would you feel if your sister got so drunk that she passed out, and boys ended up raping her, or something terrible like that? Or, what if something would happen and she would get in a car accident (whether she's driving, or one of her drunk friends), and ends up being seriously injured, or even dying?

    It's really not worth it.

    Your sister may be mad at you because now people aren't going to think she's "cool", but she'll thank you later on for doing it...

  • 8 years ago

    oh my...the world is full of stupid idiots

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