Who know how to fix a windows xp blue screen problem?

I'm willing to do everything. I am even willing to lose all of my data and files. The blue screen seems to be a more advanced damage because every time when I boot up the computer, it takes me straight to the blue screen with some words (not a lot, more like a paragraph). And it also has a code. Please tell me anything that will work, as long as it is free or a little bit of money. Also another thing, I can't access my computer in any way. I hope all this information helps.

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    BSOD, the Blue Screen Of Death, the curse of all Windows users...

    Very few BSOD are caused by an actual hardware problem or failure, in fact almost 99.9% of all Windows BSOD are due to system corruption caused by an infection with a virus, worm, trojan, exploit or other malware.

    The problem with Windows users is that they are locked inside that nice and polished Microsoft box and refuse to see anything else outside of it.

    Windows is the most susceptible to infections and attacks, being in fact the less safe operating system. No matter what you do, Windows will, sooner rather than later, be infected and/or corrupted.

    You, or others, are gonna jump up and say: "But I do have proper system protection, antivirus and such!"

    WRONG! New viruses and other malware will almost always find a way around that. As long as you continue to use Windows, YOU ARE NEVER 100% SAFE.

    LINUX is the only 100% safe operating system, even Mac OS X can be corrupted, granted not as easy as Windows.

    What most Windows computer users fail to understand is this:

    Besides corrupting your Windows operating system files, the first thing a virus or other malware does, is to either disable or otherwise corrupt your antivirus or any other system protection software program. That is why most of the times you cannot safely, effectively and completely detect and remove a virus infection in a Windows environment. Sometimes the infection is so bad that even your bootsector and master boot record (MBR) gets corrupted, and the computer won't even boot up into Windows anymore.

    Most people panick, and either pay a lot of money to some idiot at the Best Buy Geek Squad to remove the infection and repair their Windows system, or they just wipe off everything (losing important personal data), and re-install Windows or do a factory restore.

    WRONG AGAIN: You should always try this first:

    For a proper scan and removal of any virus, worm, trojan and any other malware, the best way is to use a System Rescue CD, like BitDefender or Kaspersky. Those are both bootable CDs, that run scans in a safe Linux environment, not corrupted by anything.

    Go to a different, healthy, non-infected PC or laptop and download both the BitDefender and the Kaspersky Anti-virus Recovery CDs (free downloads).

    Download links for both:



    Burn both downloaded iso files to CD with an iso burner software. If you do not have an iso burning software installed, I recommend getting the CDBurnerXP (free software) from here:


    Or just use this little utility to write the .ISO to a CD:


    Just download, unzip and run the BURNCDCC.EXE, no installation is necesarry.

    Once you burned the recovery CDs, return to the infected computer and put the BitDefender Anti-virus Recovery CD in your CD/DVD drive and boot from CD (set your boot up options in BIOS to CD boot as first option if it does not boot from CD at first)

    After your infected computer boots into the Recovery CD Linux environment, first update the virus definition database from the Internet server, than perform a complete scan of your desktop computer or laptop (all hard drives and/or partitions). Remove (delete) any infections found, and shut down your desktop computer or laptop.

    Remove the BitDefender Anti-virus Recovery CD and insert the Kaspersky Anti-virus Recovery CD.

    Repeat the same procedure as for BitDefender above.

    After scanning with those 2 Anti-virus Recovery CDs, your system should be virus free, and will function properly again.

    You might also need to do a master boot record (MBR) repair on your system, if your MBR also got corrupted.

    Download the Windows 7 or Vista System Recovery Discs (according to what you got), $9.75 here:


    Burn the ISO to a CD, boot from it and repair your MBR.

    Or, with a little computer knowledge, you can create your own System Recovery Disc from an existing installation of Windows, read here:


    Good luck.


    Happy and worry free Linux user (the guys that usually create the viruses - lol). Also Windows fixer for other less fortunate people.

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    To fix this problem, you will need a 2-door 1956 Ford Fairlane Coup. It HAS to be a 2-door 1956 Ford Fairlane Coup!

    Get up to 57 mph (no more and no less!); take said computer and toss it out the passenger side window!

    Aw.....I shouldn't be joking like this! I know you've got a real problem, and I would not even begin to know what to do!

    However, I DO hope that someone will be able to help you, as I've had problems myself and have had some very good and kind people help me with some very (at least to me!) technical problems on this site.

    I really am sorry for your problem! Do you have your files backed up?

    ***** It seems to me that "Dora Unbutu" knows a tremendous amount about computers. I would follow that person's advice!

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    You should probably re-install Windows. If you have a Windows installation disc, or if your computer came with one, then put it in the computer. Turn it on and go to the boot menu (when you turn it on, it usually tells you what key goes to the boot menu, try F12, Del, or Esc). Use the arrow keys and select DVD or something like that. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

    But to back up your files, you'll want to get a Linux Live Disc or USB. If you have a flash drive on you, go to http://pendrivelinux.com and download the Universal USB Installer, then follow the instructions there.

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    The Blue Screen of Death, sometimes called FATAL Error or STOP Error can seem in view that of a couple of factors, similar to, normal process records are overwritten, registry is badly changed, unsupported hardware is hooked up and mistaken CMOS settings. We will speak about the step-by-step answers to repair BSOD. First, insert Microsoft Windows set up disc. Click the Start button to your Taskbar, and decide on "Run". After the Run field is introduced, sort "SFC /ScanNow" command. Press ENTER to execute it. Let the laptop to performed this venture for you. Connect your laptop to the web and down load Reginout registry fix. Install it and begin a whole registry experiment. After the experiment outcome are gave the impression, click on the button Fix Now. A newly hooked up hardware could on the whole intent BSOD. Always, earlier than connecting a brand new hardware, affirm that it's designed for the running process you're presently utilizing. To confirm, learn the message whatever like "Designed for Microsoft Windows", or "Compatible with Microsoft Windows". If it's not helping, then dispose of it. Incorrect CMOS settings too can deliver down the BSOD hindrance. Restart your laptop, press F2 or Delete key until a whole display looks. After it's gave the impression, decide on the Exit menu utilizing your keyboard, after which "Discard alterations" or an identical choice. Your process will mechanically reboot.

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