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9. The “spoils system” refers to

A. making illegal payoffs to political supporters.

B. giving away land taken from Indians to white settlers.

C. the destruction of land by overly aggressive settlement.

D. giving out jobs as political rewards.

E. parceling out federal land to the highest bidder.

10. The primary goal of the United States’ policy toward Indians in the early 1800s was to

A. spread the Christian faith among tribes.

B. protect Indians from attacks by white settlers.

C. assimilate Indian tribes into white society.

D. acquire the land occupied by Indian tribes.

E. preserve disappearing Indian traditions and culture.

11. The Supreme Court ruled in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831)

A. that Georgia could remove the Cherokee tribes if it served the “public good.”

B. the Cherokee had no right to file a legal claim in United States’ courts.

C. the entire process of Indian removal was unconstitutional.

D. that the Cherokee tribes could only be removed if they were properly compensated.

E. that Georgia had no authority to remove the Cherokee tribes.

12. The “Trail of Tears” taken by the Cherokees led them to the area that later became

A. Texas.

B. Oklahoma.

C. Missouri.

D. New Mexico.

E. Nevada.

13. In 1830, the first of the “Five Civilized Tribes” to be removed to the west was the

A. Creek.

B. Seminole.

C. Chickasaw.

D. Choctaw.

E. Cherokee.

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    9 - D

    10 - D

    11 - B

    12 - I guess that it is B, but claiming that the Cherokees were the only tribe on that death march is idiotic. All of the five tribes were forcibly removed. My ancestors were marched at gunpoint on the Trail of Tears, and they were Creek.

    13 - None of the above. The movements did not start until after the above Supreme Court ruling. The Choctaw were moved in 1831, Seminoles in 1832, Creeks in 1834, Chickasaw in 1837 and finally the Cherokee in 1838. Whomever wrote these questions is an idiot.

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  • haley
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    The united states did not create the Versailles Treaty, the allied leaders on the finish of WWI permitted Germany's stop hearth contract on the concepts of Wilson's 14 features. The allied leaders then duplicitously modified the phrases to ones that punished Germany, the only part of Wilson's 14 facets that was once left used to be the imbecilic and inept League of countries. The USA Senate didn't ratify the Versailles treaty(now not for worry of global entanglements, however since we didn't wish to cede vigor to a further paperwork), seeing that Wilson refused to take delivery of the inn reservations, which would have protected American sovereignty. Whale

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