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What is the best flea treatment for cats?

I have 2 cats, they have brought fleas into the house. I have been reading about how to rid the house of fleas, but I need to get them off the cats too. What is the best thing to use? Shampoo, collars, spot treatment? What is a reliable brand name treatment?

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    Skip the shampoos and flea collars. They can be very toxic and don't work well at all. As far as drops go, the only safe over the counter ones are Advantage or Frontline. These both work wonderfully, and are very safe and effective. They stay in the top layers of the skin and work by destroying the flea's exoskeleton. They should kill all fleas on the cat within 24 hours of application.

    Stay away from pet store brand flea drops, like Hartz, Biospot, Zodiac, Sargants, etc. These are all very toxic pesticides that permeate the skin and go into the system. They have all been known to cause chemical burns, seizures, brain damage, and death, mostly in cats and kittens. This can happen even with a properly applied dose, and even if the cat has had it before without a problem. Also make sure you get Advantage or Frontline from a vet. Your cats don't have to be patients there; it's over the counter, but products sold online or in pet supply stores are often counterfeit. If money is an issue, most vets will let you buy a single tube, which lasts a month, and their websites often have coupons you can print out for a free month's supply.

    For your home, you can cut up a flea collar and place it in an empty vacuum bag, then vacuum the heck out of your house for about a week. Include mattresses and furniture too. Then toss the bag and collar.

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    For your house a vacuum is the first line of defense. Flea bombs have had mixed results, based on reviews. Long ago I used a flea fogger to great success though. But that was very long ago.

    Flea collars are not only a waste, they are often toxic. Frontline Plus is the top selling brand, and your vet also has Revolution which is also a great product. Advantage also has a market share but don't get K9 Advantix, as it would kill your cat.

    The topical treatments are not instant death to fleas, but they are effective when used as directed.

    Your cats may not appreciate a bath. Strongly not appreciate it.

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    I am also trying to find a good flea treatment for my cat. I used frontline on her, but there was still fleas. Someone did say you would need to use it more than once to kill all of the fleas on her, but her vet didn't say I don't know. I just can't afford to keep buying them since they only last a month. We may end up doing it anyways. For my cat, fleas collars, gave her sores around her neck. It looks horrible, poor thing! We tried two different brand of flea collar on her and still sores. So no more of those for her!

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    Frontline, Advantage, and especially Revolution have proved to be ineffective over the past couple of years. Doctors are pushing their stock. With my pest control experience I have found that Comfortis and Trifexis are most successful. They are a pill so they are systemic. They work from the inside out so can't be washed or eroded. Trifexis includes heart worm medication so no need if your pets are inside! Hope I could help! Pasteur Pest Control Ocala, FL Adam

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