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I live in a community that is full of white people who are blonde, wear uggs, yoga pants, and oversized sweaters (except for me) I wear like suspenders on my butt, color ful pants and I die my my question is how do they dress in California, and is it all white people (I have nothing against white people, I'm white with a trace of cherroke) cuz I might be movin to patalooma. And also I'm a drummer/guitarest/ it easier to get discovered in Cali then anywhere else? I heard it was but I'm just wondering

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  • Drake
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    8 years ago
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    I have no idea where you're at. People here dress like whatever. I live in Malibu right now and it's pretty much white people, you occasionally see African-Americans or Asians. Here (in Malibu) people like to dress in board shorts, flip flops and hawaiian shirts, especially if you live on the beach like me. Farther inland people generally dress in a shirt and jeans.

    When I lived in LA I was in the richer part of town and people there were also mostly white and dressed cool and casual in brand name shirts and jeans. Over at the not rich side people were mostly mexican or African-American and would dress in baggy clothes and all that stuff.

    Contrary to popular belief, California is one of the hardest places to get discovered because so many people go here to do just that. Unless you have contacts in the various labels, then you have a pretty slim chance of getting found. I've tried, although I didn't put that much effort into it.

    Petaluma is all the way on the North California side, people there are mostly White.

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  • 8 years ago

    Depends what part of California you're from.

    I'm from OC and it's definitely not all whites. My city is mostly Asians. And yes a lot of people wear oversized sweatshirts with uggs and yoga pants. Short shorts and and combat boots are also popular which I'm not a fan of.

    Patalooma? You mean Petaluma. Well that's all the way up north which is all the way on the other side of the state from where I'm from. I don't know what the people are like up there.

    I guess it would be "easier" to get discovered here.. Probably in Los Angeles though which is nowhere near Petaluma..

  • I live in California one hour away from Los Angeles and 2 hours away from San diego so i am pretty close to the major record companies. Yes most of the punk rock, skate punk bands or other artists mostly come from California. I used to have some of my hair blue and then violet and i have really short hair. The people where I live at are mostly Hispanic, African American, Asian, it has a huge mixture of nationalities you see white people a lot of different races. People in where i live dont really have a style but we do wear shorts t shirts we are more free and kind here and more open to others opinions. Where i live we get well, and not constant fights. Yes there are teens who dress like you i used to dress like that:) I live in riverside so yeah im pretty close to those major deal companies but you know what is weird i have never been to hollywood:3

  • Sosumi
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    8 years ago

    California is incredibly diverse. We have huge Chinese, Filipino, Viet, Indian and other Asian ethnicities around the Bay Area. Lots of Mexican, white and black folks in the southern half. Petaluma* is not far from where I live. There are lots of White folks there and some Mexican laborers. Kinda farmy and kinda suburbany. It's only an hour away from San Fransisco and Berkley/Oakland. So if you're looking to be 'discovered,' those places would be the ticket.

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  • 8 years ago

    I agree with Sosumi. You know California isn't so Hollywood as everyone clams it to be. I don't think that you're more likely to get discovered here than you are anywhere else. :) Hope you enjoy living here :D oh and there's so much variety in the way people dress. It's not crazy crazy dress like da poofy clothes and stuff, but there are people who dress like you. Basically every one is their own person. Oh yes keep in mind that I live in Southern California, near Pomona.

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  • I live in Orange County and it's pretty diverse. Everyone dresses differently in California, but everyone does have that effortless I-don't-try-to-hard vibe going on. Most people are just really laid back. As for getting discovered, it's probably going to be just as hard as any where else considering there's so much undiscovered talent out there.

    Well anyways good luck!

  • Carlie
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    8 years ago

    Well it does depend where you're from. I live in Santa Cruz, and there are a lot of white and Hispanic people, but the people here are so diverse. Mostly liberal. It really depends.

    It's easier to get discovered the harder you work, simple. It doesn't matter where you live.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I live in California.

    Girls in the summer wear short shorts and t-shirts or tank tops with sandals or flip flops. In the winter they wear skinny jeans, scarfs, ugg boots, and sweaters. Guys in the summer wear bro tanks, shorts, tall black nike socks and white vans. They also like to wear hats. In the winter, some still wear shorts and some wear jeans. They wear t-shirts with a jacket (unless they're too cool for that) lol. This is just the teenagers though. And it's mostly white people. It is easier to get discovered here but it'll still be hard... Hope this helps! :)

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