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How difficult are AP tests?

How difficult is it to get aa 5 on an AP test?

Are AP tests looking for very specific materials?

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    I took AP Environmental Science, one of the supposedly easiest of them all and the course was really easy, I had a 98 average , the AP Exam was pretty easy, the MC were super easy, the essays I barely finished because I am a slow writer. They are looking for pretty specific materials though. I hope I got a 5, I only took it this year so IDK yet. I am taking 2 AP courses next year (10th grade) , so they aren't so bad that I was discouraged after taking one, and i am in no way a genius.

    my brother who is not a genius got 5s on the US and Pysch and Global and believe me he has a social life and doesn't study 24/7 , so the guy above me is not totally accurate in his statements.

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    to get a 5 on an AP test is ridiculously hard.. I'm smarter than average and only get threes. To get a five its straight up determination. Say goodbye to the weekends and study. But its not just studying the material.. its your game plan. You have to know EVERYTHING about the test, number of questions, types of questions, how to write essays,etc. PLUS you have to know the info and be able to finish everything in the time they give you. The people who make the AP test want you to fail. The people who are grading your material want you to succeed! So they will try as hard as they can (without breaking rules) to give you points. Most of the AP graders are teachers themselves.. say goodbye to call of duty on friday nights

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    i think of that as long as you prepare for the try (prepare some exams at school, pay attention to the instructor, pay interest to what's going on) you'll be effective. After spring injury, maximum people won't have the capacity to look ahead to summer season trip and tend to overlook that AP exams are precise around the nook. as long as you have an concept of ways lots time you have left to income, you'll be ok. yet another confusing difficulty approximately AP exams is the time. i in my view difficulty you're given too little time to end the exams (in spite of the reality that i does not desire to sit down in a lecture room for 7-8 hours finding out). I merely took my AP English examination the day previous, and we had to place in writing 3 essays in 2 hours. I wasn't extremely arranged for this simply by fact even even with the undeniable fact that I did a great number of at school essays, we've been given an hours to place in writing one essay, and on the actually examination, it is cautioned which you in straightforward terms spend 40 minutes on each and every essay. desire this helped!

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    It varies. Depends on your class and how much you study. For me, the AP Literature test and AP US history test were easy. The AP Calculus test was brutal.

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