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is China-Taiwan reunification very close? I think so!! After reading this article:?

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    No, by the sounds of it it sounds like a politicial ploy by the PRC to help themselves by sounding that they care for the Taiwan. Lets review the 2 main points.

    PRC offers big grants to Taiwanese companies on the mainland which in turn hopefully will invest on the mainland plus creating more jobs for mainlanders and more tax for the PRC.

    PRC offers more chances for Taiwanese students, teachers etc to work on the mainland, although the experience is useful it will cause a brain-drain in the PRC favour.

    Hence his polity doesn't really help China-Taiwan reunification in a friendly way although it may seem to do so.

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    If what you read from that article is that "reunification" is near, then perhaps you need to learn to read more critically and between the lines.

    It's pretty obvious from the article that China wants one thing and one thing only: a stronger economy IN CHINA.

    The whole point is to try to encourage more business into China and to recruit more Taiwanese educators to teach in China. None of this mentions doing anything IN Taiwan. Yes Taiwanese businesses and people will benefit from this if it all works out, but the fact is it won't affect Taiwanese people as a whole since this is aimed solely at businesses (and the people higher up benefit, not the minions below) and educators and tourists.

    Notice how Taiwan isn't doing the same thing? It's because any person with common sense isn't going to shoot themselves in the foot. We'll take the perks but we're not stupid enough to think that we're reunifying. Business is business, pure and simple!

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    Bingo! You said you read a article! Now all you have to do is read the history of China and you will be the newest Chinese to understand that Taiwan does not BELONG to China. Start in the year 1895 when you began reading about Chinese history. Read very carefully the part listed as "The Treaty of Shimonoseki". Read where it IS a Internationally accepted document. This will enlighten you to why most people of the world think many Chinese (all the CCP) are mentally retarded. You have let the cat out of the bag when you said you read this article so now do yourself a favor and enlighten yourself to even more knowledge. Of course the CCP can do as the Nazi Germans did when they decided to liberate Poland, but that started WWII. See anything the CCP does will look like they are mentally retarded. Other than just talking to the people of Taiwan and making a good decision to be friends and stop the crazy talk they have been doing for the past unpteen years. Maybe they will still be two nations but they could be good friends and the CCP is very low on friends these days. I would love to see the CCP get on the ball and make some friends in this world. Why do they only try to piss off everybody? What neighboring country likes the CCP? None! They have not got the first friend in the entire world. Make a friend! Do something nice for a change. Reach out a hand in friendship to somebody...anybody! You just put a woman in low Earth orbit! Follow up with a good will gesture! Sheez its not so bad to do something nice!

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    while chinese language stops to persist in pretending Taiwan is a factor of China and the Taiwanese separatists supply up deploying hatred of China to benefit political places of work that they lose by way of corruption (it rather is likely to be carried out if the international financial equipment rebounded on an identical time as Taiwan is below a Blue Camp president's lead). Hell no, don't be so merciless as hoping that Taiwan and China can ultimately grow to be one. life is sweeter while the political figures are the human beings's servants (albeit thieving ones) than any incorrect way around.

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    Not any closer to "reunification" for two basic reasons:

    1) There is no such thing as "reunification" of two entities which have never before been unified. What you are really talking about here is the forced absorption and assimilation of a smaller political entity by a larger political entity without any concern for the wishes of its people.

    2) The major problem as noted in the final paragraph of the article, "Taiwan and China are still technically at war and Beijing has refused to renounce the use of force against the island despite the fact it has governed itself for more than six decades."

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    The 2 places could "reunify" ONLY on the following grounds,

    1) China's GDP PER capita on par with Taiwan's if not better. Currently China claims her GDP per capita US$4,000, though people living inside China will tell you their annual income is NOT even close to US$3,000, while Taiwan's GDP per capita is roughly US$28,000, 7 times of China's.

    2) China's form of governing is like Taiwan's with rule of law in place, leaders being elected by the people and freedom of speech/press/protests allowed, etc.

    3) People in general are as civilized, good mannered and behave normally as Taiwanese.

    Otherwise it will be like California "reunifying" with Mexico which is exactly what Hongkong people are being led into back in time.

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    Taiwan has been an integral part of China since Chinese feudal society has been divided from China since the Chinese Civil War.

    The returning of Hong Kong and Macau set good examples for the returning of Taiwan, so I believe Taiwan will return to China in the next 30 years owing to the determination shown by the Central Chinese government.

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    PRC announced that they intended to loan money or offer credits to Taiwan businesses. There are many strings attached and the terms are not disclosed.

    PRC actually owns US debt, and EU debt. But PRC doesn't own US and EU.

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    I'd rather this than the usual saber rattling.

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