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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 8 years ago

Which is better gold or silver thermal paste?

I recently fixed my xbox 360 because it had suffered the dreaded red ring of death. I used gold thermal paste on the cpu and gpu because i was told that its the best. Anyway i managed to fix my console first time trying , but have since been told that silver thermal paste like Artic silver is more effective. Im confused because i cant seem to find anything online that definately confirms which is better, gold or silver. So does anyone here knows for sure?

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  • Dload
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    8 years ago
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    Thermal conductivity [W/(m*K)]:

    Silver (Ag) - 429

    Gold (Au) - 317

    While Gold is more pretty, if you are looking for the best performance for heat conduction go for silver thermal paste. Arctic Silver 5 - High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound, is a good one I personally use and recommend. Made With 99.9% Pure Silver. Note it has a 200 hour wear in period to drop an additional 2-8 degrees.

    If it's working fine, at a good temperature, no need to change from gold to silver.

    However, if you do want to swap - the way you apply thermal makes a huge differences. If you do come to change or apply it, ensure the heat sinks are clean of previous thermal grease, dirt, dust and even skin cells. Don't touch with fingers. Ensure you use a lint free cloth or pad. Use very high level isopropyl alcohol 70% or greater, the higher the better. You can get medical pads with isopropyl alcohol already on them meant for like cleaning wounds, those can work well.

    Depending on the heat sink, you want to pre-paste it, add a dot of thermal paste in the middle and use a old credit card or piece of plastic to spread flat and even in all directions. Then on the other device to be heat sinked simply add a line of the thermal paste down the middle from top to bottom, clamp the heat sink on top and rotate a few degrees in either direction before fixing into place. This will flatten the line of thermal paste without air bubbles, etc, into an oval which covers the area to be cooled effectively.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hello and new to yahoo answers. I just want to say I have been using all 4 thermal pastes for years now. IMO I think they all have a place. Here are some of the places I use each and are not limited to these, but I found to have the best repair and the longer lasting repairs.

    White thermal paste = Hot to Cold or cold to hot - Laptops left in car or night in the cold or left in the hot car in the day. I see the white is best for this as it stays consistence in all temps. Smartphones is another place I use the white. Needs to be change a little sooner then the others.

    Gray thermal paste = hot spot chips / lose fitting coolers - Not as much of a problem as it use to be, like the older AMD chips or the core 2 duo. I have stopped using the gray over the years now as hot spots have become less and less. I pull it out when the cooler is loss or not fitting as good as it should. It becomes more of a glue in place thing. I see it does not like cold or hot.

    Silver thermal paste = hot and air cooled - I use on Video Card and hot CPUs when air cooled. Its seems to remove heat faster when you can keep it thin and very tight seal on the cooler. Xbox 360 and AMD FX on air cooling. I do not like it on water cooling. It works great on air as it stays a consistence temp with very little spikes. I see the silver does not like very cold temp like being left in the car over night. It gets very thick and hard.

    Gold thermal paste = water cooling - I use gold on all my water cooling set ups. I see it transfers heat faster but has a higher spike in temps witch in turns make the pump run faster when needed and a faster response on the fan side also. Does not like the hot. It gets very runny in the heat like being left in the hot car in the day.

    Again this is all IMO. Really all of them work great and I only see a few degrees differences in each when using them on video card or CPUs. This is how I use all the above for many years now with out any problems. I hope this helps others. Love to hear if anyone else uses thermal paste in the same way. Never to old to learn a new tricks.

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  • 3 years ago

    I personally like using the gold. They use gold to make motherboards and the processor contacts. It's one of the best conductors and soft metals'.

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  • Kelly
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    4 years ago

    TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!

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