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Do you use a mobile banking app on your Smartphone?

OR do you access your bank account information via your Smartphone? I am a little leery because of the possibility of other apps doing malicious things to capture my information. Does a banking app have like a SSL or something that secures it from being read from other apps? How do you know it's safe to bank on your phone?

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    If un own an iPhone d security standard r really awesome n apple has some

    400 million credit cards associated with apple ids. Don't use bank apps anywhere as they r malicious as u said but have any apple device use without fear .

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    Yes I access information. I'm probably old fashion and when I think about it I've already logged on to my bank through the phone but I just don't do any transactions. Only at home. I don't care what people say about safety. I think it is safer not to give the opportunity to others.

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