What would you name 12 children using these names?

Choose a first and a middle name for each. You can change spellings if you want, and can add pictures and descriptions if you feel like it. Have fun! :)

Child 1 - Girl

[First name] - Anna, Audrey, Augusta, Annabel, Allegra, Alba, Ava, Aria, Alyssa

[Middle name] - Bridget, Bethany, Bailey, Beatrice, Beatrix, Blaire, Blythe, Brooke

Child 2 - Boy

[First name] - Christopher, Christian, Calvin, Charles, Chandler, Clay, Craig, Connor, Carrick

[Middle name] - David, Daniel, Darryl, Dean, Dennis, Deacon, Derek, Drake

Child 3 - Girl

[First name] - Emily, Elizabeth, Ella, Eleanor, Elle, Ellen, Elora, Estella

[Middle name] - Frances, Felicity, Faye, Felicia, Faith, Flora, Florence, Freya

Child 4 - Boy

[First name] - George, Gregory, Garrett, Gabriel, Geoffrey, Gerard, Gordon

[Middle name] - Henry, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Harris, Heath

Child 5 - Girl

[First name] - Isabelle, Isabella, Iris, Ingrid, Ivy

[Middle name] - Josephine, Jane, Jennifer, Jade, Jeannette, Justine

Child 6 - Girl

[First name] - Katherine, Kathleen, Kay, Kendall, Kendra, Kimberly, Kristine, Kristina

[Middle name] - Laura, Laurel, Lauren, Lucille, Louise, Leigh, Lillian, Leslie, Lily

Child 7 - Girl

[First name] - Madeleine, Margaret, Marcella, May, Margot, Matilda, Meredith, Morgan, Mathilde

[Middle name] - Natalie, Nicole, Noel, Niamh, Nina, Nora

Child 8 - Boy

[First name] - Oliver, Oscar, Owen, Otto, Otis, Orion

[Middle name] - Paul, Philip, Patrick, Peter, Phineas, Pierce

Child 9 - Boy

[First name] - Robert, Ralph, Reid, Reilly, Remy, Rhett, Roderick, Ross, Ryan

[Middle name] - Samuel, Scott, Schuyler, Sean, Spencer, Sterling

Child 10 - Boy

[First name] - Thomas, Theodore, Timothy, Troy, Trevor

[Middle name] - Vincent, Victor, Vaughn, Van, Vance

Child 11 - Girl

[First name] - Willa, Wren, Whitney, Winter, Willow, Wendy

[Middle name] - Xenia, Xanthe, Xena, Xoë

Child 12 - Boy

[First name] - Yves, Yusuf, Yael, Yoel

[Middle name] - Zachary, Zane, Zacchaeus, Zechariah, Zachariah

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  • ceridd
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    Ava Beatrix

    Charles Daniel

    Elora Faye

    George Henry

    Isabelle Justine

    Katherine Laurel

    Meredith Niamh

    Oscar Phineas

    Ralph Spencer........pronounced (RAYF)

    Thomas Vaugh

    Willa Xanthe

    Yves Zacchaeus

    Girls: Ava, Elora, Isabelle, Katherine, Meredith, Willa

    Boys: Charles, George, Oscar, Ralph, Thomas, Yves

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Annabel Bridget

    Calvin Drake

    Elle Felicity

    Gregory Heath

    Ivy Jeannette

    Katherine Lily

    Margot Niamh

    Owen Philip

    Reid Samuel

    Theodore Vincent

    Willa Xanthe

    Yves Zachary

  • Annabel Beatrice

    Charles Dean

    Eleanor Freya

    Gabriel Henry

    Ivy Jane

    Katherine Lucille

    Matilda Nicole

    Owen Pierce

    Robert Samuel

    Timothy Vincent

    Willow Xena

    Yael Zachariah

  • Hannah
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Audrey Beatrice

    Charles Daniel

    Elizabeth Felicity

    George Henry

    Isabelle Josephine

    Katherine Lucille

    Matilda Noelle

    Oliver Patrick

    Reid Samuel

    Thomas Vincent

    Willa Xoe

    Yves Zachary

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  • Sam
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    1. Ava Bethany

    2. Chandler Dean

    3. Eleanor Faye

    4. Gabriel Harvey

    5. Ivy Jane

    6. Kimberly Louise

    7. Margot Niamh

    8. Oliver Pierce

    9. Robert Sterling

    10. Timothy Vance

    11. Willow Xenia

    12. Yves Zane

  • 9 years ago

    Alba Bethany

    Christopher Daniel

    Emily Frances

    Gabriel Henry

    Isabelle Josephine

    Katherine Laurel

    Margot Natalie

    Orion Pierce

    Ryan Sean

    Trevor Vincent

    Whitney Xoe

    Yusuf Zane

  • Allegra Bethany

    Chandler Dean

    Eleanor Freya

    George Henry

    Iris Josephine

    Katherine Laura

    Marcella Nora

    Otto Patrick

    Riley Spencer

    Theodore Vincent

    Willa Xanthe

    Yale Zachariah


  • 9 years ago

    Alyssa Brooke

    Connor Daniel

    Emily Faye

    Geoffery Harrison

    Isabilla Josephine

    Katherine Louise

    Madeline Noel

    Oliver Patrick

    Ryan Samuel

    Thomas Vaughn

    Wren Xoe

    Youl Zachary

  • 9 years ago

    Anna Brooke

    Connor David

    Emily Faith

    Gabriel Harrison

    Isabelle Jane

    Katherine Lily

    Morgan Noel

    Owen Philip

    Ryan Samuel

    Thomas Victor

    Wendy Xenia

    Yael Zachary

  • 9 years ago

    Anna Beatrice

    Christopher David

    Elizabeth Freya

    Gabriel Harry

    Ivy Josephina

    Kathleen Lily

    Madeleine Noel

    Oliver Peter

    Ross Samuel

    Thomas Vincenzo

    Willow Xena

    Yael Zachary

  • 9 years ago

    1. Alba Beatrix

    2. Christian David

    3. Elizabeth Frances

    4. Gabriel Harrison

    5. Ivy Josephine

    6. Katherine Louise

    7. Margaret Nicole

    8. Owen Pierce

    9. Reid Samuel

    10. Thomas Vincent

    11. Willa Xenia

    12. Yusuf Zacchaeus

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