What do you think of my GP list?

I have fifteen names picked out for boys and girls, and even though it's a GP list, some of these I really like and would consider naming my child. Please tell me what you think! (:


Rowan Annelise (Yes, Rowan can be a female name)

Ryn Elisabeth

Mackenzie Claire

Caroline Christine

Elaina Judith

Summer Elise

Harper Delaney

Blaire Mackenzie

Callie Madeline (Not a huge fan of Madeline, any suggestions?)

Cassidy Kate

Bridget Allyn (Allyn is a family name)

Nova Elaine (Yes, Nova is a name!)

Gabrielle Corinne

Carter Elise

Shay Lorraine


Liam Thomas

Parker Ryan

Samuel Oliver

Wren Elijah

Colton Gabriel

Zachary Tyler

Cole Emerson

Gavin Elliott

Maison Alexander

Hayden Carter

Caleb Ryan

Caden Blake

Landon Chase

Tyler Garrett

Oliver Blaine

I know my list isn't great, but any other suggestions/opinions would be appreciated!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Some names I actually really like and some seem nothing like what a guilty pleasure name should be!

    My favourite girls names are Harper, Elise, Corinne (my friend is called this and gets Cori for short, Cori as in Lorry not Cori as in Dory from Finding Nemo) and Summer. I also love Rowan but prefer it for a boy.

    However, I hate McKenzie, Claire, Elaine, Shay, Lorraine, Carter (especially for a girl!) Judith and Ryn.

    As for the boys names, hardly any of them seem GPish, I do love Thomas (but not Tom), Zachary, Samuel (but not Sam), Caleb, Maison (prefer Mason) Elijah and Oliver.

    But I hate Gavin, Cole, Ryan, Blake, Landon (sounds like someone with a bad cockney accent saying Landon), Tyler, Blaine, Garrett, Colton and Wren.

    Sorry I would go into more detail about each name but there's just so many.

    I think my favourites from your list would be Summer Elise and Samuel Oliver. Both names that I don't think should be on a GP list, but a normal list, they're both really nice.

    I think I would combine Zachary, Elijah and Thomas from your boys list. Maybe Zachary Elijah, Zachary Thomas or Elijah Thomas.

    How about Emmett? When I see Emerson it always makes me think of this name, think it's just a more masculine version. Isaac, Isaiah, Micah?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Your list is quite good actually. I have looked up some name meanings, ect.

    I have categorized your list into 2 categories.

    Unusual Names (first name):





    Shay (a name more typically used for men)






    Common names/Traditional names (first name):













    Some combinations I do not like very much are:

    Cassidy Kate

    Shay Lorraine

    Landon Chase

    Ryn Elisabeth

    Wren Elijah

    Cole Emerson

    Elaina Judith

    Summer Elise

    My suggestions for what to be paired with Callie are:

    Callie Grace

    Callie Rose

    Callie Marie

    Callie Adelaine

    Callie Scarlett

    Callie Mackenzie

    Callie Annelise

    Callie Christine

    Source(s): my brain!
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  • 8 years ago

    I absolutely love Rowan Annelise and Harper Delaney!!!!!!!

    I also really love Blaire Mackenzie.

    These are the single names I like(not paired with the middle or first names you wrote)




    Suggestions for Callie...

    Callie Grace

    Callie Rose

    Callie Alice

    Callie Penelope

    Callie Scarlett

    Callie Carson

    Callie Rowan

    Callie Delaney

    Of the boys names, I really like:

    Maison Alexander

    Parker Ryan

    Landon Chase

    Oliver Blaine

    Comments on boys names- I like Maison spelled Mason better. Alexander Mason flows better, and Xander is a really cute nickname. Parker Ryan sounds kinda weird because Parker ends in r and Ryan starts with r, so maybe Ryan Parker? I think that flows better. I really love both Parker and Ryan. Chase I'm not big on, but since its a middle name it doesn't matter as much, and I love Landon. Ollie is a cute nickname for Oliver.

    The names I didn't mention just didn't make much of an impression on me, bad or good, except Wren Elijah, Cole Emerson, Elaina Judith, Summer Elise and Ryn Elisabeth, all which I don't like at all.


    Landon Garrett

    Cassidy Louise

    Cassidy Rose

    Cassidy Scarlett

    Cassidy Jennifer

    Rowan May

    Rowan Scarlett--love this!

    Rowan Alice

    Oliver Louis

    Oliver Henry

    Landon James

    Anyway, hope that helps! :)

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  • 8 years ago

    I love them! My two favorite from your girls list are Rowan Annelise and Harper Delaney. I also really like Carter Elise. My Two favorites for your boys list are Cole Emerson and Landon Chase. Suggestions ...


    Colton Alexander

    Landon Tyler

    Carson Oliver

    Trenton Samuel

    Collin Zachary

    Braden Oliver


    Rowan Christine

    Harper Grace

    Carter Michelle

    Callie Elizabeth

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  • 8 years ago

    Girls-Caroline Christine, Elaina Judith, Bridget Allyn,

    Boys- Hayden Carter, Samuel Oliver, Liam Thomas, Zachary Tyler, Gavin Elliot

    nice names, we have similar taste :)

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