What happens if you update ios of jailbroken iPhone? PLEASE ANSWER?

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS..I have an iPhone 4 with ios 5.1.1. It has an untethered jailbreak. Using Cydia, I have installed a TON OF THINGS( random stuff), but only one app, which is installous 5. Using Installous, I have installed 8 apps (Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Music D/L Pro, Fruit Ninja, NBA JAM, NBA 2K12, and the Puffin web browser.) I have also installed 7 apps from the app store, (Subway Surf, Temple Run, 9innings2012, Bag It!, Disney XD, Disney Channel, and Racing Penguin flying free.) Now, when the next version of IOS comes out and I update to it, would I lose Cydia, the things I got from Cydia, Installous, the apps from Installous, and the apps from the App Store? Out of these 5 things, which would I lose?

And also, if I lose everything, then is there a way to back up the things I got from Cydia and their data, the apps from Installous and their data, and the apps I got from the App Store and there data? I don't want to have to write everything down and then reinstall them because I would have to reinstall all the music for Music D/L and restart all my games from the beginning.

Yeah I know thats a lot of stuff.

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    8 years ago
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    its going to lock up on you and will lose everything.you cant update your iphone if you jailbroken it.its the rules of the game.

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  • 6 years ago


    You need to take legal action when something happens.

    1. Call the police for help.

    2. Use "Find My iPhone".

    3. Apply some free anti-thief app like ilostfinder: http://ilostfinder.com/

    you may get it back--or at least prevent the thief from getting your personal data next time.

    Hope my answer solves your question

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